Polyphemus in Napa

Wikipedia Poem, No. 655


all that mighty oneself
one sees stretch online
glassed by the trees
its easy eye
and wine glasses
lost in branches
by the pain that’s
her sea bottom
home for suede

flash stupid
save oneself
from love you
see selfless be
come classless
seawine in a park
ing lot terrible
things unfriendly
things how much love
is parking one
sees measure sees
love love
is what one sees
oneself flash io
then flash
something else
no longer seen

Lemniscate of Booth, at Speed

Wikipedia Poem, No. 356


“We search for riches deep within the bowels of the earth where the spirits of the dead have their abode, as though the part we walk upon is not sufficiently bounteous and productive.” Pliny the Elder

It is. Are you?

or as a result
english pulling
verb from latin
grow property et cetera to fall
to someone as pain
from defective forms

Where do you want to go today?

an alternative verb
from the late 1570s
unless much growth
modern french noun from
advertising to be now-obsolete
grow by increments
of property of et cetera
until much many ofs

Why wait?

as it happens
in excrement
property possession et cetera
from the english verb accrue
by increments
of property pissant et cetera from
giants an old
french noun because there grows
property et cetera
from latin
accrescere accrescent accroître acreue
by unwitting we gain we fall into shape
into cord’s web

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Wikipedia Poem, No. 284



the lasting sting-pain
poet in the dark

bullet as diligent research bound
an advanced pain a dark desert
handcuffed de-terrene wrists

target where the adapting-pain
on pique-white predators tactical best
of the poet not some bluish-purplement in heavy traffic

the same stockeyed honey bee
pain scaled up to life    for it is

life hours of morning
things failing the harvest

the poet’s own industry
from history
repelled forward

more more more

Wikipedia Poem, No. 218


“We too are products … cultural products. We too will become obsolete. The functioning of the system is identical—with the difference that, in general, there is no obvious technical or functional improvement; all that remains is the demand for novelty in its pure state.” from Michel Houellebecq, “The Map and the Territory”


politics local reactance
previews the people and
if you will have me america

the republic changes
people under coercive society
dominate racial cultural race

change anyway times
the machine efforts younger
american society and time

those who riff endlessly rebutting
american white change probably
see movement as birth

in american changes this defines
the year americans by that america
will mean for you performance

before this always happens
as america will mean what
bit this further what licked this



Bump, Philip. “The Louis C.K. Theory of Donald Trump.” Washington Post 2 June 2011. Web. 2 June 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 175


Relief in this return to normalcy—that I could stop thinking about this “other world” of unknown bird sounds.


the middle age’s language garden
petals once because golden soil
means plant and not the altar devil’s

flowers heat pluto into third eye sight
grow sometimes invasive on winter
days in your high and like a layer

of flowers with sidearms you
wants in the sea spike a wonderful
well—for it is otherwise missing

to a true black hollyhock they can
be invasive corn is nice black
decorative heralds a middle age

the cottage of pollen with no petals
a week’s bees but the seedhead
picks off other gifts flowers an ape

and perennial dried goods
cut flowers bloomy red hot soppy
large round and marry mordant spiders

Wikipedia Poem, No. 156

“‘The pussy and the ass.
They are the cupcake and the pastry.
Because one tastes sour and one tastes sweet.’

‘Darling,’ said Adeline, ‘which is it?’

‘That’s the mystery of the cupcake and the pastry.
No one knows. It depends on your personal preference.'”

— from Jarett Kobek’s “i hate the internet”


thickened, fleshy 
       parts of highly 
modified leaves


even being found in the Ancient Greek κάκτος


sharp spines, even 
only part


Singapore Botanic Gardens
Many live 
  in the south to flow close 
to  water


of sharp spines, like thickened, fleshy adaptation


          reduced from Patagonia in the storm
  water lost 
various software, see Cactaceae

Wikipedia Poem, No. 144




oncidiums for a precise guide to oncidiums prefer 
their care crossed together the parent genera in colder climates 
this orchid of the nun the result is a result of a beautiful bloom stem 

topped with man-made come in freeze-freeze-freeze
freeze-free to research the genera in colder climates 
the idiosyncrasies often occur out of the nun orchids 

often the strial cap prefers nuns in colder climates 
intergeneral different generics prefer oncidiums 
for a proffer to be generic they also prefer year-round 

in a fairly tight pot different culture one must result 
in a result called a result has occurred given all the parenting
genus phaius the parent generic's precise guide to the nun orchid

beautiful broad leaf terrestrial orchids of the 
  blooming and background care — crossed together 
growth emerges inter bloom 
stems top 

many care-crossed 
  media to 
      be genus phaius


area collection these miniatures drop below 40 
in colder climates this orchid looks much like come
indoors before night collection of petals form a fracture

unique three strike tops with many beautiful freezing come
blooms petals trials lookingly unique three strike collection fracture 
with many beautiful blooms these miniatures drop below 40 

the petals form a triangular shape hiding the summers come 
year-round in bloom stems topped with many broad beautiful 
winters it will develop tall petals bloomsopped toward fracture

          unique three areas 
in collection the summers outside year-round in 
bloom stems 
   topped with 
beautiful bloom 
summers outside year-round 
bloomsopped with 
  beautiful blooms 
the petals 
form a trial 
          orchid lookingly unique 
colder climates 
tiny top 
   making unique 
       come indoors before 
temperatures drop 
below 40 
collect miniature orchids 
lookingly unique three 
        a common houseplant 
        a trial orchid collection the nun 
much like 
come indoors before 
    night temperatures 
    drop below 
the petals form a 
orchid lookingly


broad leaf the media 
to periods of grow outside year-round 
if subjected to careful broad 

leaves these harsh humidity 
humble just be even manly moist 
and should come indoors before night

temperatures drop below 40 degrees 
climates that smell like chocolate the 
media grow outside year-round if subjected 

to increased humility just be even and
fair and moist and come indoors below 
the pseudobulbs that smell like to grow

    habit of growing out 
          of an accordion 
just be 
pseudobulbs though the 
media tall stems of triscented 
sphagnum moss

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