‘How to Put Rockets in Clippy Bits’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 524


“Whole floors, / broken up and carted off …” August Kleinzahler

an iris lost in a big dog 
bed creative world of professions
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submissions:  here game thug 
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instructs          starbucks 
ted talks ted talks ted talks

Praise Uncontrollable Gruesome

Wikipedia Poem, No. 519


“For either to have expressed desire, to have / reached, would have been to offer the object of desire // power. It could not be done.” Frank Bidart

let me tell you a secret:
i’ve discovered something
in the conveniences of
mass consequence to ensure
mine would continue to bear

green leather black light
pitches back
leather clutch discovers light black
clutch discovers
something wild
rushing in
cow sacrifices its skin to ensure mine

the new world bears
a neutral green light black leather
rolls back

leather pitches back leatherette that
participation with the fender of
the sacrifices


the sun and squeezes
loud lives
conveniences of a motorcycle

what i mean to say is
the convenience of the barking
bike living alive and dies

pitches backwards to
stay here

David Remnick


Referential in a way John Ashbery could never be —
I’ve yet to read John Ashbery.

I’m at the ironbark dreaming,
Except I’m not; I’m ironstone.

The world will not let me
Say what I mean; or I

Come across
Weak, watered down

And cheap. I’m afraid to pay
For what I deserve; “Alright.

Honey, have a safe trip.
Yep, OK. Alright, the plan is airtight.”

Pruned by Flowerheads

Wikipedia Poem, No. 470


“A map for a new respiratory system. / Nitrous oxide replaced by tear gas. / Our head and face boundaries collapse. // Now: cut across the canvas.” Theodoros Chiotis

if not changing then
flowering but coiled
around one's jaw 
pruned by flowerheads
        climbing from thoughtful
        pink illusions outside-in 
size color everything everywhere grown 
out of my heads (climbing despite
mainland macrophylla here in america    
which only grows in dangerous popular culture
the dangerous species is its own meaning 
some crumpled syrian estate 
pruned into blush red 
flowering plants in japan korea crimea
our ashen mainland


Invest in Hydrangeas

Wikipedia Poem, No. 469


“I’ve seen thy spirit bending / In fond idolatry.” Emily Dickinson

         you don't like 
your opinions
a flatterer

      i loved

         it is 
      nothing to 
alter its dimensions 
         a flatterer
vested in hydrangeas
    something black 

       is that you 
afraid        of love simply because 
    i'm a flatterer
and have flattered before
  or is something black 
        and ravage
      	wielding the vest of hydrangeas
or something vested in hydrangeas
        something to 
         because you're flattered 
         by your opinions
or something 
  just like 

        me the altar in you
unwilling to be loved
show me
	and i will
	desecrate it

from ‘On Secrets’ by Mary Ruefle


“When you are walking down a city street and not paying much attention—perhaps you are downtrodden by some confusion—and come suddenly upon a rose bush blooming against a brick wall, you may be struck and awakened by the appearance of beauty. But the rose is not beautiful. You think the rose is beautiful and so you may also think, with sadness, that it will die. But the rose is not beauty. What beauty is is your ability to apprehend it. The ability to apprehend beauty is the human spirit and it is what all such moments are about, which is why such moments occur in places and at times that may strike another as unlikely or inconceivable, and it does not seem far-fetched to say that the larger the human spirit, the more it will apprehend beauty in increasingly unlikely and inconceivable situations, which is why there is such a great variety of art objects on earth. And there is something else we should say about the apprehension of beauty: it causes discomfort; and by discomfort I mean the state of being riled, which is a state of reverberation.

“What you carried inside you when you walked through the door was this ability. It is your ability to apprehend beauty, or the lack of it. It is your ability to listen. And change, or be changed. It has something to do with the secret of human existence, which is nowhere revealed, and nowhere concealed, and in front of which we remain, or become, infants.”



“A poem demands unity”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 452


position pygmy point ritual 
carpels factors plant species  
       spiral functions
large-grains       moths 
white flowers 
fonds organists whorl
bodies axis maples diaspora stamen
arrangia moth 
       pole primordia

Jacob Frères Paints with Blood

Wikipedia Poem, No. 425


“For a moment, you may think that as long as you stay inside the castle you will be safe. Outside, everything is transient and destined to decay. Inside everything is incontrovertible, eternal, joyous, and glorious.” Alessandro Carrera on Severino’s Magical Castle

we arrive 
by boat in his jacob 
frères desk
    long fibrous 
        but the 
        ophrys morisii on his palace 
portraits of 
his jacob 
    frères desk
    are long fibrous 
    but the 
flowers on his palace 
portraits of 
his palace 
    with blood
    we arrive by 
        boat in his jacob frères desk
long fibrous scaly 
but the 
flowers on his palace 

portraits of his 
        that means topped
        arrive by boat 
his jacob frères desk long 
    fibrous scaly noses
    but the 
flowers in his palace 
    portraits on his jacob frères desk
are ophrys morisii with amphibious eyes

Wikipedia Poem, No. 175


Relief in this return to normalcy—that I could stop thinking about this “other world” of unknown bird sounds.


the middle age’s language garden
petals once because golden soil
means plant and not the altar devil’s

flowers heat pluto into third eye sight
grow sometimes invasive on winter
days in your high and like a layer

of flowers with sidearms you
wants in the sea spike a wonderful
well—for it is otherwise missing

to a true black hollyhock they can
be invasive corn is nice black
decorative heralds a middle age

the cottage of pollen with no petals
a week’s bees but the seedhead
picks off other gifts flowers an ape

and perennial dried goods
cut flowers bloomy red hot soppy
large round and marry mordant spiders

Library of Congress


“‘Two-Eyes could bear no more’ like the dusty swan / Shut of its cage and doubtful what to do” Berryman

Winter landscape
The statue
The disciple
A point of age

The traveller
The ball poem
Fare well
The spinning heart

Parting as descent
Desires of men and women

Boston Common: a meditation upon the hero
The moon and the night and the men
The enemies of angels
Canto amour

Young woman's song
The song of the demented priest
The song of the young Hawaiian
The song of the tortured girl

The song of the bridegroom
Rock-study with wanderer
The long
New Year's Eve

Narcissus moving
The dispossessed
Scots poem.


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