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Circuit Dice Coffee Dramaturge

Wikipedia Poem, 875 imagine koch met another koch what brotherless friendship othered even these plants’ music the moirai graduates shack up on center street and sap wondersided all three conversing for many years with any living man append the loose fringe of life three-story building… Read More

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‘Today’ Show Fans React: ‘I’m Very Disappointed in Him’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 672 one hears events scream it’s warm enough for so long mr and mrs who—ha ha ha

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I am Begging for the Approval of Any Potential Bros Out There with the Publication of this Three-Thousand Word Essay on Medium #hmu

Wikipedia Poem, No. 601 but not-doing en stumbles chicken bones here ‪men stumble chicken bones here ‪men stumble chicken bones here ‪men stumble around a bag of steaming chicken bones here ‪men stumble flip flops and broadway in chicken bones cheap ‪men stumble chicken bones… Read More