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London: ARE THEY ALL YOURS // Polly Morgan x Robert Cooper

forms synchronised whilst high saturation and gloss strikingly contrasted with patterned skin of the snake notions of masculinity in the digital age inspiration works both ways manipulating body

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Mere Gravity

Wikipedia Poem, No. 834 us against the word: their inevitable cancer candy coats crap out sum syllables you can say it famous like as all writing’s rich sequence the author assumes, and it may cure how many woman at this point is manipulation, no one… Read More

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The Felony

Wikipedia Poem, No. 831 in which the heart finds warmth in chicago learns stupid juvenile joy cracks the system perpetuating odds in which

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Curtainlike Rock Formations

Wikipedia Poem, No. 731 proposed before but experts say two new studies finally give convincing evidence that’s been propos on cave walls and use symbols the brainpower to make artistic works and use symbols the brainpower artwork until now most scientists thought all cave made… Read More