Male Ego Investment (Ghost Rider)

Comics make the whorl go rondo. Ever wonder what Ghost Rider would do if he lost his wallet on the subway? He would download, share, and distribute this work illegally in libraries, museums, squat houses and corporate gyms. Thank you, as always, for reading.


Artifacts of Reference, No. 35

Mere Gravity

Wikipedia Poem, No. 834


us against the word:
their inevitable cancer candy coats crap out sum syllables
you can say it famous like as all writing's rich sequence the author assumes,
and it may cure how many woman at this point is manipulation,
no one can say it better—you and the mfa applications. please
the stream is bone deep and cold and i find if i despise statistics
           the possible opens its purse strings
on this political order and so many woman in this malignant poem switch off friends.
o, it may cure how many smashed heineken bottles. feet ache in the water.
please share our words, though they are short of many smashed pleasures.