Total Aesthetic Loss

Staten Island, New York, June 2020

cherry moves fast
consumes fuel spark air
fires momentary and true

from erudition

give it away
pennies on the dollar

of carbon

pattern making
gone so badly maybe
aerated biomass
steel screws
perchance to love

lecture urlecturer
well cared for whistling
white curator

hands of filial head


total aesthetic loss


Artifacts of Reference, No. 35

‘products of wealth and privilege … from different planets’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 800


    reclusive one

     brash improbable courtship
red-carpeted enmity 

      step in a gamble 
       of counterstruck 

each other a momentous step 
      personal diplomacy can shoulder
the world’s largest nuclear program


Source: Landler, Mark. “Trump and Kim Shake Hands in First Face-to-Face Meeting.” The New York Times. 12 June 2018, 11:30 p.m. Web.

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Wikipedia Poem, No. 771


before of we  
their supreme  senators     
defied our      toxic healing
as late as 1832 as early as never
often or not we went into such truths  
with diathermic intent    iroquois 
or white man prescribed against clay     
for a trail of cherokeed we 
the military commissioned we 
their gold sutured race not we
the legal precedent is well-established
the land has been forced into pinnacle 
earlier it was dead of exposure hunger disease 
in and of our vers'd state thirst seeded passage 
courts decree  over flowering mutants mature hardwood 
early slopes nineteen meadows thick where native species 
heavy mountain remains


Colonial Backwash


Wikipedia Poem, No. 700


simple hunger from the eastern shore just past edge of frame the worst violence is a hunger for power the open ocean from the brutal american nurture by all of us drowned saying hunger from the pacific creation’s backyard deemed too far think of horror the you ess frigate united states out on these lighteenth shipped wars well done not in theory the viewer perhaps observes it is colonialism how this hunger from the easy station of the worst violence metaphor what resources today from india flint china mahwah mountainside vietnam bangladesh syria sperm whale alabama lead-in-the-water san diego staten island hackensack happiness within us all

Indefinite Traumatic Past

Wikipedia Poem, No. 684


joined indefinite floodplain

indefinite homeowner
indefinite homeless person
indefinite political junky
indefinite colonial invader
indefinite disabled adulterer

he claims

indefinite migrant
indefinite straight
indefinite pirate
indefinite poet
indefinite fugitive
indefinite soldier-bound
indefinite fugitive
indefinite strategist
indefinite mass murderer
indefinite sailor
indefinite traumatic past
indefinite war hero-bound
indefinite mass

joined father
joined brain

indefinite traumatic past
indefinite punk lash

joined father thief
joined brain indefinite fugitive

any old adulterer
full-stop he claims indefinite war hero

joined father thief military leader
joined brain indefinite fugitive claim

indefinite old quitclaim

America Waves

Wikipedia Poem, No. 439


“It is snowing and now / it is raining and slush is all the mud / Manhattan can hope for / yet if it holds / we may have flowers all / over the sidewalks after / all” Frank O’Hara


promote rock needles
the reservation last year stands
very fossil fueled that mr trump adopts
but some slime became a ghost symbol

of needle reservation last a nearby grassy hill
families and the peptide stripes of empty tribute
dayglo tribes empty days tribes in a thousand tattered
promises promote empty days tribe empty days

tribes in tattered pro-drilling lifts please pledge
to the president’s promises the presidents promises to their
hawk stars in the osage betrayal of names
of thousands of tattered promises the worst tribes

french tribes american tribes thousands tattered tribes include
empty days tribes in orange to the pale yellow halls that
mr trump adopted but some hen if he brings regulation
look rock needle regulations or approve new pipelines

a global symbol of black needle ghosts
regulation its a nasty grassy hill
with families and familiars
like deep blue southwestern tatters

Wikipedia Poem, No. 101

An American Form 6 Times, After Saigyo



Business of explaining
I think of community
reading services
Made by Amazon


Giveaway Amazon
giveaway Amazon
giveaway Amazon
ships and yet still rare


Saigyo, my prophet,
explains how
Kindle analytics
Aren’t helpful to the customer


Review this item please
digital customer
publisher on specter
outstanding like that


Items from the Japanese
social imagination
giveaway Amazon
one last sail


Saigyo sees all threads
books, rare books, frequently
indulging — you might rest
in this book — I read blasphemy

Wikipedia Poem, No. 82



“…good meals damage their figures, wine spoils their complexions, smiling too much gives you wrinkles, the sun hurts the skin, rest makes you lethargic, work wears you out, love gives you circles under your eyes, kisses make your cheeks red, caresses deform your breasts, embraces shrivel the flesh, pregnancies disfigure your face and body…” Simone de Beauvoir

         assassinated gains at 
the influential aspect 
included in the 
          Selknam people
         Popper also 
prepared an engineer
also prepared 
as a Romanian de Lavaderos 
de Lavaderos de 
        Lavaderos de Lavaderos de Lavaderos de Lavaderos de Lavaderos de Lavaderos 
      Lavaderos de 

       in the punished gains 
     also prepared 
an explorer He was 
         Romanian-born Argentine stock 

      A mining 
area. They 
found gold mint 
  to symbolized enormous people.

  against the 
native completed 
enormous people.

also prepared 
         born Argentine studied in mouth.

      Patagonia, Popper and his Compania del Fuego 
      where paid 
to a Jewish as assassinated gold mining in Buenos 
   Together with heavily in 
    the sent his sudden death at 
   the Argentina in 
  the Museum 
        at thieves