Colonial Backwash


Wikipedia Poem, No. 700


simple hunger from the eastern shore just past edge of frame the worst violence is a hunger for power the open ocean from the brutal american nurture by all of us drowned saying hunger from the pacific creation’s backyard deemed too far think of horror the you ess frigate united states out on these lighteenth shipped wars well done not in theory the viewer perhaps observes it is colonialism how this hunger from the easy station of the worst violence metaphor what resources today from india flint china mahwah mountainside vietnam bangladesh syria sperm whale alabama lead-in-the-water san diego staten island hackensack happiness within us all

Invest in Hydrangeas

Wikipedia Poem, No. 469


“I’ve seen thy spirit bending / In fond idolatry.” Emily Dickinson

         you don't like 
your opinions
a flatterer

      i loved

         it is 
      nothing to 
alter its dimensions 
         a flatterer
vested in hydrangeas
    something black 

       is that you 
afraid        of love simply because 
    i'm a flatterer
and have flattered before
  or is something black 
        and ravage
      	wielding the vest of hydrangeas
or something vested in hydrangeas
        something to 
         because you're flattered 
         by your opinions
or something 
  just like 

        me the altar in you
unwilling to be loved
show me
	and i will
	desecrate it

Wikipedia Poem, No. 379


“Ti dico addio quando ti cerco Amore, / come il mio tempo e questo grigio vuole. / Oh, in te era l’ombra della terra e il sole, / e il cuore d’un fanciullo senza cuore.” Umberto Saba


publish    an unwitting  bump  
once his own of   red      bump going 
single green        he  
smith of garbage from the said   
he                 red  speaking 
ways of nature two big secretaries
       by           some other means 
don’t          —in his own minds 
answer— or less free- fan-dom
          it was colleagues what the stormcloud dismissed 
rest from         swarmic firmament directly
          days of garbage       dismiss            
but he said   hornet  because     of   a red art team  
(the      stop the drop    )he      smith     himself    
at the wronger for that american  
and sure escalater approach 
of the first americans can’t 
behind the efforts about  he when         horror erupts

Wikipedia Poem, No. 286


“It was the eery drone / of the police state / that began to unnerve him” from “Ode to d.a. levy” by Ed Sanders


underlying belief underlying
power obligation power
replace governments replace

uncooperative wit uncooperative
leader free world
hostile interests hostile

interests mutable interests
values democracy values
rule of law practical

considerations economic considerations
political competition political
elasticity interests elasticity

countries considered countries
potential targets potential
tender ministrations tender

Wikipedia Poem, No. 122


“If we bear in mind the fact that tendentious jokes are so highly suitable for attacks on the great, the dignified and the mighty, who are protected by internal inhibitions and external circumstances from direct disparagement, we shall be obliged to take a special view of certain groups of jokes which seem to be concerned with inferior and powerless people.” Sigmund Freud


of metaphors linked idea of thot 
it be a task beyond political valuation 
Our values old insisted from 

those talent the not meaning torturers must have
disinterpreter To place a task beyond 
political values old insistently 

thinking of our society would death 
This was akin to who sees are 
that connected from those

of Susan Sontag he likes  
the conjunction akin to know better 
But it does not political philosophy in a chain 

when a chain knows betrayal it 
is usually a student as a peccadillo 
or a Writics’ Circle Award 

and accuratextual dignity of human 
unfree society would have its disinterpreter


and in an ideal plan some might 
He gave, appeared, I said different 
from being Harper’s anecdote violates 

the devoted god within horrified cheerleaders 
including that I find a book slighteous, righteous
a Berlin Prize for years including the devoted god’s 

with friends Oh you’re a heading that way 
reads of power of whether people’s right 
argued must confess for skywriting recalls 

Pizza Preacher fixed broken could pay two dollars 
halves of teachers should be Ezra Pound 
the first economically enjoyed with friends

Oh you could looking for class boys 
then I explained Christinction


Galchen, Rivka, and Benjamin Moser. “Are There Any Unforgivable Sins in Literature?” Sunday Book Review
The New York Times, 12 Jan. 2016. Web. 14 Jan. 2016.

Freud, Sigmund. Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious. Ed. James Strachey. Mass Market Paperback ed. 
New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 1905. Print.

wikipedia poem, no. 20


Adapted from a painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

boldness security

she discovers 
     envy no love no standing
don’t dangle 
     anything from the ash 
flash photography
      do you, dear undertow

pity cruelty
pride modesty 

    be quiet
flash photography
        does she 
    dangle anything
        never forget 
touch her 
own safety shame
  please be quiet
you can’t 
park here 
        safety shame

  please, feels free to 
hands before signing on the 

stop crying
          don’t dangle anything to empty the ledge
take a step back

        fear under surprise expect disrespect distand?
          dangle anything to touch her own safety