Wikipedia Poem, No. 379


“Ti dico addio quando ti cerco Amore, / come il mio tempo e questo grigio vuole. / Oh, in te era l’ombra della terra e il sole, / e il cuore d’un fanciullo senza cuore.” Umberto Saba


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but he said   hornet  because     of   a red art team  
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and sure escalater approach 
of the first americans can’t 
behind the efforts about  he when         horror erupts

Wikipedia Poem, No. 315


“That’s another of the Oaxacan / experiences I mentioned, / but the rest are secrets.” Michael Robbins


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support forceful rejoinder
did little to beauty

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90-minute debate

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treat dignity
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to deeply admire
man whose approval rating of his years

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he called

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of a primary end
I could trade

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credit for years

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