America Waves

Wikipedia Poem, No. 439

“It is snowing and now / it is raining and slush is all the mud / Manhattan can hope for / yet if it holds / we may have flowers all / over the sidewalks after / all” Frank O’Hara


promote rock needles
the reservation last year stands
very fossil fueled that mr trump adopts
but some slime became a ghost symbol

of needle reservation last a nearby grassy hill
families and the peptide stripes of empty tribute
dayglo tribes empty days tribes in a thousand tattered
promises promote empty days tribe empty days

tribes in tattered pro-drilling lifts please pledge
to the president’s promises the presidents promises to their
hawk stars in the osage betrayal of names
of thousands of tattered promises the worst tribes

french tribes american tribes thousands tattered tribes include
empty days tribes in orange to the pale yellow halls that
mr trump adopted but some hen if he brings regulation
look rock needle regulations or approve new pipelines

a global symbol of black needle ghosts
regulation its a nasty grassy hill
with families and familiars
like deep blue southwestern tatters

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