Black Hills Treaty

consider what they saw there

i don't trust anyone who
doesn't have my best leg
in interest both calves
slaughtered on the hill

 neither had a camera 

i hear their voices
like high school girls
squeaking on algebra
at tjmaxx i drink

coyote blood click click
each pore inflamed
for oxygen each pore
diabetic tigers of america
 neither      has      a camera 
chose to break the treaty 
when gold was discovered
there there they do
not know the way

they saw what they saw

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Wikipedia Poem, No. 771


before of we  
their supreme  senators     
defied our      toxic healing
as late as 1832 as early as never
often or not we went into such truths  
with diathermic intent    iroquois 
or white man prescribed against clay     
for a trail of cherokeed we 
the military commissioned we 
their gold sutured race not we
the legal precedent is well-established
the land has been forced into pinnacle 
earlier it was dead of exposure hunger disease 
in and of our vers'd state thirst seeded passage 
courts decree  over flowering mutants mature hardwood 
early slopes nineteen meadows thick where native species 
heavy mountain remains