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O! Look! Delphinus Point and the Abandoned Lyre

Wikipedia Poem, No. 806   plotted indigenous or relatively large anthropoidal prey of mesoamericans indigenous or relatively large plotted in gold cold cold cold to soak maize indigenous into a shower of overgrown gardens turn toward particles turn yourself interior kill the rich he won’t… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 82

  “…good meals damage their figures, wine spoils their complexions, smiling too much gives you wrinkles, the sun hurts the skin, rest makes you lethargic, work wears you out, love gives you circles under your eyes, kisses make your cheeks red, caresses deform your breasts,… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 81

“Heroism and poetry are modes of seduction: but in letting herself be seduced, the woman exalts heroism and poetry.” Simone de Beauvoir west changes, include  Southern            Tierra      trees important sea gulls, guanacos,  Navarino many fishers,      … Read More