Why Phonic Multiplication Is the Work of Trillionaires (Return to the Flower)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 723


“I’d like to return to the flower, / and from the flower, / to my heart.” Lorca, Oct. 1923

On an oedipal level, what a feeling!

Thrilled little clouds in the supermarket: No, I want that. Was it in the supermarket? No, I want that in the car and still make the wrong-colored little clouds. In the supermarket I don’t care, maybe making thrilled little clouds to whom or I see lonely sorrywalkers day in and day out.

I learned a long time ago to soap up the supermarket: No, I want to walk alone, too. Today I learned to be sorry, but I do not care. Remember the red sweater scented with alcohol? I’ve decided that, lathering into the supermarket.

Green wants to see sorry paroxysms leveled. One green sun is never enough. I want that, I said, thinking about lobster blood for years, terminally. What will be enough one day? What will be enough one day. I learn to walk alone through thrilled little clouds in the supermarket. No, I just want to be sorry, but I can’t imitate not caring.


On The Media


warm we link arms before the brawl breaks our ranks
we touch again     ineffectual   fist to ineffectual face
we are touched again to be peeled apart    sprayed 
toward sobbing   and held again in rapturous pain   do you remember
now   singing by torchlight?   do you remember the strange sounds
of which we are capable?   the moan the mutter
the laugh around campfire and when campfires tamp
and glow   and our bodies   just cool of a blister
kind and momentary   sister to sister
brother to brother   all else like a staircase rises up
or helps us descend   in time
it is a struggle   to keep cool   to fight with
one's own fire   the necessary stoke and recoil.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 325


“Where ever I go to claim / my flesh, there are entrances / of spirit. And even its comforts / are hideous uses I strain / to understand.” Amiri Baraka


fraud and but everything like wordlessness
imm not worse — less income and his rallies
themselves come depending to longishness

“People are going to march on the capitols.”

like that he might now
the new york times shooting
high above eighth avenue on november

“If push comes to shove she has to go
by any means necessary, it will be done.”

eight from the top of her pussy
caught there that if she done into a riot
concerns a many neighborhood

“It’s not what I’m going to do, but
I’m scared that the country is going to go into a riot.”

goes not what her husband didn’t say
but shoulda said that if the crows
never settle over the crowds imma be still

“Unfortunately, I’m not a man of vigilante violence.
But I do think there will be a large amount of people that are terribly upset
and may take matters into their own hands.”

he take matters into pointed politics you
know some lose their face inside uninformation
rigging the ballot be who owns a handslide

“Sometimes reformation comes through bloodshed.”

you go inton at thers
as there themself
imma bible christ

Wikipedia Poem, No. 213


“The particular challenge in the law was one that was grounded in the fact that anti-discrimination law looks at race and gender separately. The consequence of that is when African American women or any other women of colour experience either compound or overlapping discrimination, the law initially just was not there to come to their defence.” Kimberlé Crenshaw


and their own minds
are not the result of
a lot of intended fragments

months on twitter
means i have within
my movement an object

new things in her life
no one says no one size fits all
shattered from the first plantation

so when ground
guise point out toward the
horizon a five foot eleven black

woman intellectualizes fragment
months she usurps this quote
feminism in various grounded tiers

on the love of no violence in the west
indoctrinal laughter back
into me who chose to converse

that i hate in the first place
the racist concept of transpired
facets multi-layered weak misogyny

average does nothing
a way to react to match
coining math from weak theory

in computer sciences of color
they should want race to bring
the keyboard and natural concepts

theories in groups are initiative
these must react match for coin
theory close inspection and direction

have already started feminist
colonies on the moon none allowed
that prescribe form diversity in software

natural reconciliation rakes the keyboard
if you are or were well as well you cannot
be wrong about a mere coin flip

if you are or were well as well generalize
and watch them discuss aims and psalms
here are out there minority radio shows

or better yet better perspective of other
out there on the moon picking systematic
oppressors to color out community

software or racial minority
listen used cities out loud
attracting theories and initiative

kimberlé crenshaw hall filled with invaluable
software loaded with time expanded
separately deep breath step away from as well

woc it’s important
of multitudes
marriage instream feminism

he used
your name
to differing cluelessnesses

as action or oppression
no matter the fourth wall
help members with the coda

to whit i hope the
old community

the girlfriend apologized
another oppressed charge
or most of it in a pass apologized

as i understand the else
because the percussive other
cons the heart his cleaving

around nature did not provide better
my own work against casually written deletion
this is intersectionality but so much less

fails which set foot
then I am there
dozens maybe hundreds our

work matters
be wild and wide
from various concerns

in fact anti-oppress
problems maybe campaign
felt her forms and shudders

o how better those of my own
worked once and lear
that I would be casually devoid

of every level our gendered
learning I enter me as neo-feminism
free of problematic behavior ignored

political diversity racing the movement
back to feminist ground zero to
community is a women in 1959

this is a women young systems
new responding this is a woman
a divine structure or position hept

others then build bridges between
awareness and education sorted
issues receiving unique challenges

make a world concerned
study the education of critics
lines of other acquitted without

of color of think of empty tank
the cooling lance beside the egg
shelled domes of pastoral structure



Occipital Sacrifice


Give up the platitude 
For page 1
I know you have it in you;

O me! 
O life! 

The old poets became poems
Publishing houses, iconic paper 
Products, big muscular

Names under which the poor
Insert quarters, the confederate
Rich remove rings 

Of Saturnalia, too 
On the nose.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 81

81 “Heroism and poetry are modes of seduction: but in letting herself be seduced, the woman exalts heroism and poetry.” Simone de Beauvoir

west changes, include 
    trees important sea gulls, guanacos, 
Navarino many fishers,
supplying erosion expansion 
         of tundra the Aleutian 
seis, sought
     Grande only a few 
Genocided between Chilean 
       Catholic missions in that region
    sheep fault
 and Tierra del Fuego, Popper, 
led trees important sea gulls, guanacos, Navarino 
Island Río 
Granded by Brities
in 1520. No Europeans came 
the Islands No European 
east–west peak 
    slip farmingbirds

        been two counters seis 
       south of sediment to calafate 
in backs and 
       Drimys winter Ushuaia, the Channel, 
        the Bound 
8,000 B.C. This 
area of the 
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    Prehistorms and 
Water coniferum, 
Magellan; sailing 
         condor dwarfs 

    uninhabiting developed as a 
The many islands part of Yaghan language 
     in the north and 
    trees from 
cold import of first 
      Europeans and nature
      heighting Until 1960 
settlers, cool summers 
such as to expedition to undead beyond 
   long to which in oil as well as 
      a pull-apart of 
the Salesian made-up