On The Media


warm we link arms before the brawl breaks our ranks
we touch again     ineffectual   fist to ineffectual face
we are touched again to be peeled apart    sprayed 
toward sobbing   and held again in rapturous pain   do you remember
now   singing by torchlight?   do you remember the strange sounds
of which we are capable?   the moan the mutter
the laugh around campfire and when campfires tamp
and glow   and our bodies   just cool of a blister
kind and momentary   sister to sister
brother to brother   all else like a staircase rises up
or helps us descend   in time
it is a struggle   to keep cool   to fight with
one's own fire   the necessary stoke and recoil.

super villain, no. 1 [draft]

Firstly, I’m begging
— please stop —
Let’s settle this:

I’ve done nothing 
With my life &
Deserve no thickly pat
Across a hunched back

Ten fingers, ten toes
Love music, hate snow
Middle class, average nose

So, quit it with the praise.
Here’s my escape plan 
— no matter how bad it seems
for me, hold the ambulances: