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Instructions for a Narrative

Wikipedia Poem, No. 855 Mislead darkness into spaces surrounded by the unknowable void. Definitive articles, please. There be thick monsters of expired physiology of the ancient world of mind, the dark spaces of plein-air painting, found artifacts—void, which you will know about—the maker, the forest… Read More

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all the notes from tonight

  The thing in the sky All of a sudden is a cartoon bird Then it’s an actual hungry shark But it’s a puddle of draino now I’m sad I said sad to see polygons Again the lizard ten years old Then chemo Is a… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 299

1 Should I Know Who Chloe Was? plants which eat a vulture taught plants they diet a food web very tasty almostly eats vultures condors return that eats a vulture smells bad and other up the flesh of the flesh of the herbivorous an eagle may… Read More

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“Gallops from its mouth, I rip”

  I always knew there was a spiritual connection Between Ben and John Some shared irreverence simmering Intelligence like a hawk circling a trail Or the hawk with a wood mouse In its beak swallowing broken bones Then I see it: the patient, dead mouse Gallops from its mouth, I… Read More

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“The Summer’s Over, Jack Spicer!” by Matthew Dickman

And Paris, France, is still Paris, France, though we’ve never been there together but might if life were a little longer and no one ever invented knives. I am crossing the bridge again and the city is behind me being rescued or being destroyed with… Read More

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John Ashbery

Reading Ben Lerner from behind Without Ben Lerner’s express written consent I am Ben Lerner “noctilucent” Against Ben Lerner’s particular ass The pedals of the tricycle in Ben Lerner’s front yard haven’t rotated, felt reciprocation in months But nonetheless, here I am, Ben Lerner Atop… Read More

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“Quem me dera que a minha vida fosse um carro de bois” Fernando Pessoa

XVI Quem me dera que a minha vida fosse um carro de bois Que vem a chiar, manhãzinha cedo, pela estrada, E que para de onde veio volta depois Quase à noitinha pela mesma estrada. Eu não tinha que ter esperanças — tinha só que… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 63

“HarvardSquar on NyQuil / which time-true for everything all / like the jaw of god” give a bit sick here wait and Roy Tony’s body getting like its third bag and conversession fire but a vehicle of him then some Mass up in his shit… Read More

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super villain, no. 1 [draft]

Firstly, I’m begging— please stop —Let’s settle this: I’ve done nothing With my life &Deserve no thickly patAcross a hunched back Ten fingers, ten toesLove music, hate snowMiddle class, average nose So, quit it with the praise.Here’s my escape plan — no matter how bad it seemsfor… Read More