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Instructions for a Narrative

Wikipedia Poem, No. 855 Mislead darkness into spaces surrounded by the unknowable void. Definitive articles, please. There be thick monsters of expired physiology of the ancient world of mind, the dark spaces of plein-air painting, found artifacts—void, which you will know about—the maker, the forest… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 245

  grind their forty-five cleaners in great average the paperwork us custom seat treading stative horns the daily grind (an almost gas tank out-of-state on side minutes each way when side mine motorcycle ownership to bits and I enjoyed picturing the cut one please terrible… Read More

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how the locksmith helped, draft 102120120753

you locked the door behind, you what else could i do? you were young, i wanted more. in his suicide note K dreamed about Freddie — admired, envied — never locked their door. silent, wind and highway light crawling sharp, i remember you mad against… Read More