Wikipedia Poem, No. 245

“(odd word, that, / for me, ‘transpire,’ out of Latin / ‘to go out into breath’ or air or nothing),” Philip Levine


grind their
forty-five cleaners 
in great average 

the paperwork us custom
seat treading stative horns
the daily grind (an almost gas 

tank out-of-state on side minutes 
each way when side mine
motorcycle ownership to bits and I 

enjoyed picturing the cut one 
please terrible (still 
in the first two weeks later 
it’s that i’m doing like a cadillac 
with some other forty-five change 
a news reports touch with someone 

(still includes an almost
inverse indulged gorgeous 
here’s never rode it 

plate plater i don’t work 
which it from the outside 
leaks of course sewn to bits



Gerace, Joseph M. “I Shouldn’t Have Bought a 50-Year-Old Motorcycle.”, 5 July 2016. Web. 5 July 2016.

Levine, Philip. “The Worst Is Still to Come.” Ploughshares 42.1 (Spring 2016): 82. Print.

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