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Instructions for a Narrative

Wikipedia Poem, No. 855 Mislead darkness into spaces surrounded by the unknowable void. Definitive articles, please. There be thick monsters of expired physiology of the ancient world of mind, the dark spaces of plein-air painting, found artifacts—void, which you will know about—the maker, the forest… Read More

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Bird Watching at Playa Santana (The Secret To My Perspicuity)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 779 observe optic spectus clear evident hands buried in soil or prospettiva providing ars poetica cresting the break for introspecer though human look through the looking consider skeptics of providence optic spek observe spasati sees small fish in the crown whitewater auspecere… Read More

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Daffy Duck and Don Draper Explore Post-Coital Dysphoria

Wikipedia Poem, No. 589 “Every animal is sad after coitus except the human female and the rooster.” Galen of Pergamon this is not the first time we’ve sweat: at the dark tower there were two of us, intellectual properties conflated under moonlight. not the author… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 525 a trap what you could reveal what you’ll have to remind your story when its over pause briefly to say: which driver a trap? here this arrangement of twin twigs you’ll have to remind your story pause a truth which drives… Read More

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Personal Poem

i meant to say something about light i raze light not your light and not artificial light what of the artificial then? an ungainly freudian monolith gargantuan simple fleshy constructed of shit found in the tv street about light input output welding welded expository writing… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 363

into catcalling downtown traffic or masturbating on cedarview avenue behind their bed on a white work truck to the pigeons and buskers arguing an attack holes in their bed on white iron radiators they save me one hit of white work truck offered up to… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 354

fanfuckingtastic in lo and hop infronta the tv my wifes laptop infronta me me and hop me infronta the tv and me they only vaguely know each other like dye let’s call him stan 32 he grew up in the same town as she but… Read More

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Notes from Chicago

“A fleuron is a typographic element, or glyph, used either as a punctuation mark or as an ornament for typographic compositions. Fleurons are stylized forms of flowers or leaves; the term derives from the Old French word floron for flower. Robert Bringhurst in The Elements… Read More