‘An acute and worsening crisis’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 961

Overcrowded, squalid conditions are more widespread at migrant centers along the southern border than initially revealed, the Department of Homeland Security’s independent watchdog said Tuesday. Its report describes standing-room-only cells, children without showers and hot meals, and detainees clamoring desperately for release.
A page from the Office of Inspector General report.

and even up to be released
notes to those outside

several immediate risks
patrol clothes to escape

religious gestures medicated
cells of force if necessary

and offered no response

detainees observe health-rough standards
additional dietary specifics necessary

these restrictions wet-wiped if necessary
adults after 72 hours overcrowd their hungry cells

bologna sandwich incidents and that one facility
bathetic detainees scarved in constipated detainees

and offered no response

clogging countless alien adults
of the observable time bomb

moreover medical attention mothers gestures teams
facilities raised months as if from their own cells

during only force if necessary
maintainees clothed by their cells

and offered no response

windows shout prepare managers
at multiple facilities clothes were released

notes to their cells senior management told us
they arrived without cells constipated of detainment

at some point detainees wet-wiped religious providence
required their cells detained in this diet detainees

observed detainees for a time
was prepared to escape

while security prepared toilets with mylar detainees
who had vitals moved from our visits

notes to their cells
during immedical clogging
because force is necessary
addition unable to be religious
providence gestures bangs
wears risk to their time bomb
moreover crowded bathos
sandwiches some facilities
raise notes to their cells

and offered no response

detainees escape
their time bomb
wet-wiped notes
to providence
their time bomb
and that over-
prepared force

offer no response

Source: United States. Dept. of Homeland Security. Office of The Inspector General. By Jennifer L. Costello. 2019. Archived by the New York Times. Web. 3 July 2019.

Gilgamesh Gets Confused

Wikipedia Poem, No. 956

This was a unifying national story. When it dominated, politics was over which party could offer the most opportunity.

the land of opportunity
immigrants came to the tower
of terror the land of dogs
and self-improvement created
by dragging hustlers who
impoverish the person and opportunity
and immigrants who came to this wastebasket
at dawn looking hustled
who was expelled from the negro streets
of war and poverty of lead listening
hustler who bared in the best under minds
personed and peopled and dogged self-improvement
cool eyes hallucinated through new bustling
in the quintessence palestine is a never
in this wastebasket at dawn lookin’ hustled
who expelled the ancient creation
out for new business starvin’
the academies connected destruction
to opportunity

The Pedant Attempts to Read a Poem

Oh, I see
time respools

— encomienda

one expects shudder
to agree with scythe
but instead — prisons

Cortés-like — discovers
gold ore floating atop tear
duct digs too hard too

something something in the language
doesn’t leap from the page
languishes low in one’s hometown

well into one’s late 30s one reads
bougainvillea and feels only the moon
disappearing behind the low sun

which long ago blacked
highest mountaintop
cracked deepest ocean

there it is inadequacy unspooling
with respect for the broken pieces one
finds in the sand confirms something

beautiful of
gilded roots.

Miedo y Reminiscencia

Wikipedia Poem, No. 952

Traffic Study, 2019

— and hence approximately 13 times
toward the house of painted flesh don’t
care about mexico — and bound
and bleached — hence applied indifference
toward mexico — and they were thinking
about mexico — and waiting
miedo y reminiscencia y miedo
to points further south he replies
i really don’t care about fearful
about mexico — and the consequence
foreground: takes miedo y
reminiscencia to points further south
his applied indifference foreground: taking
miedo y reminiscencia y miedo
to points further security might make
matters worse for mexico — and
hence off the rival 18th street fences —


Artifacts of Reference, No. 5


Remedios Varo (Pentagram)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 526

— juggling for
the cadillac having gawked
lustfully at sulkclouds
capped by a bichon frise

having been gawked at lustfully
by lions and
this confident slow
heart a stepstage i

am the raspberry cloak
juggling for the cadillac having
lusted after loves

capped by sulkclouds each
capped by lions and this confident slow
a stepstage
i am a mage-logician

with nimble fingers
and this confident slow heart
a stepstage i am the cadillac
tasted lust in gawkertown —

Wikipedia Poem, No. 366


“that / Strange and not unwonderful feeling, I have experienced this, this light, these trees, these birds, heard the very / Words you are saying, before, or, it all clicks into place and I know what you are about to say: ‘Please / Stop picking your nose'” James Schuyler

   munity of sabers
      a dot along a 
     busy drug-smuggling 
     he said they’re 
          into southern arizona the remote community 
of sabers a dot along a 
   busy drug-smuggling out-way
he said 
in a southern army soldier asked one 
    meridian rich weekend afternoon

it a militia and 
   scoff at them armed patrolling 
   the notion of others 
      militia and scoff at the notion 
  others label it 
      a militia 
        at the housing 
   the housing the meridian rich  
construction but others rattle sabers on his hips
         the housing 
then sudden united startle

  led by 
its leash those were his dog 
   named rocko 
by its 
  leash those 
    were his 
         dog a pitbull named 
    rocko by 
          its leash those 
   were his 
portable radio 
40-caliber pistol and 
     scrambled communications his two 
       weapons his portable 
radio had 
intercepted he 
held a 
pistol in hand and 
          and and and and and

Notes from Chicago


"A fleuron is a typographic element, or glyph, used 
either as a punctuation mark or as an ornament 
for typographic compositions. Fleurons are stylized 
forms of flowers or leaves; the term derives 
from the Old French word floron for flower. 
Robert Bringhurst in The Elements of Typographic Style 
calls the forms 'horticultural dingbats.' It is also known as 
a printers' flower, or more formally as an aldus leaf 
(after Italian Renaissance printer Aldus Manutius), hedera leaf, 
or simply hedera (ivy leaf) symbol."

Nat history museum
Bow truss roasters

A creative writing professor brings 
a snapping turtle and his new-born 
grandson into a bar — it ends exactly as you imagine. 

“Come and show me another city with lifted head 
singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.” C Sandburg

I freeze my spine in an attempt to stay pure,
To fractalize suffering, cook up distillate 
And smoke academic — I only manage back pain.

Green mill
Girl and goat

Ray Yoshida 
Art Green
Oscar Nurlinger 
Richard Misrach


"Alebrijes (Spanish pronunciation: [aleˈβɾixes]) are brightly colored 
Oaxacan-Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. The first 
alebrijes, along with use of the term, originated with Pedro Linares. 
In the 1930s, Linares fell very ill and while he was in bed, 
unconscious, Linares dreamt of a strange place resembling a forest. 

There, he saw trees, animals, rocks, clouds that suddenly 
turned into something strange, some kind of animals, 
but, unknown animals. He saw a donkey with butterfly wings, 
a rooster with bull horns, a lion with an eagle head, 
and all of them were shouting one word, 'Alebrijes.' 

Upon recovery, he began recreating the creatures he saw 
in cardboard and papier-mâché and called them Alebrijes."

The greatest story ever told ... the woman who laid down
and became a mountain and no one was there to see it
or write about it so you'll never know & I'll never know

wikipedia poem, no. 7

photo (21)

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the Hollywood and Younghead and Chamber of Lions
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history, one studio film derealized the “Last Aztecs and Top”


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Actor, Hollywood, Younghead, Chamber of Lions.

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