Gilgamesh Gets Confused

Wikipedia Poem, No. 956

This was a unifying national story. When it dominated, politics was over which party could offer the most opportunity.

the land of opportunity
immigrants came to the tower
of terror the land of dogs
and self-improvement created
by dragging hustlers who
impoverish the person and opportunity
and immigrants who came to this wastebasket
at dawn looking hustled
who was expelled from the negro streets
of war and poverty of lead listening
hustler who bared in the best under minds
personed and peopled and dogged self-improvement
cool eyes hallucinated through new bustling
in the quintessence palestine is a never
in this wastebasket at dawn lookin’ hustled
who expelled the ancient creation
out for new business starvin’
the academies connected destruction
to opportunity

Secure Provisions

Effective horror
who mourned
men armed
with hours
secure provisions

Belshazzar’s Feast

Wikipedia Poem, No. 899

in that it’s out of their
    susan-hiller and
    the brittling
new canon can
artists sol
      believ- the
unknown artist hiller was considerate at least
    belshazzar’s feast
 collected to keep cooper union  
margins of
romanticism and
a precursor
     edged with
 as such
denied she
     subconscious   conceptual orders of unreason moments and
     of roughtrout the
political fieldwork before
    hiller splits and guatemala she said
   in meaty-tubes

Black Tiger #2 (New York Without Permission)


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Tiger #2, plywood,
On the cover
New York New York
Without permission
Printed in the United States