Secure Provisions

Effective horror
who mourned
men armed
with hours
secure provisions

Artifacts of Reference, No. 53

Poem (Erasing a Flawed Argument)


warnings faced lecture 
destroyed youthful defense attorneys entered 
the system perpetuating 
odds in which 
     a felony
     a warning
found heart
in Chicago 

learned stupid 
juvenile joy
crack the system


Wikipedia Poem, No. 260


“the joy that watches itself go away”


double the hexasaccharide
click on the lysozyme namely
glu35 green open heart mechanically

abundant mucopolysaccharides probably
similar to this acid glu35 green and
n-acetylglucosamine at the hydrolysis pub

in rapid bacteria this enzyme
in birds-lyse namely glu35 green
but mechanically separated

the weakening cell wall
carbon x-lysis in vertebrates
mild detergent doubling back