Annie Baker

I’ve explained this before
cut this line & the one before
cut — a metaphor & a beautiful sweater

Anyway, george bush the first is drowning
has drowned — Let’s get on with
the poem: I trip over the sky

I am, she says, hideous
language, she says drinks
double IPAs like chainmail

Even his spanish birds, who have
paid dearly, roast in mount etna
sad face — i don’t want to burn

I don’t want to talk about my dad
he nods at every colloquialism
squatting in the alley, even

His students have paid dearly
do you have a story to tell
storyteller? stonecutter?

Worth it?
to manipulate
our constitution?

Good soldier of poetry
future filmmakers
figure its technical precision

We, as an audience, start to race ahead
the poem catches up with you
& leads you into uncharted

Territories — universal, simple
rules, 1916, an operation i have
inserted myself too much into

Biology. they will never make
a great poem — the die reads
four — just reads. 1,000-year-

Old poetry. the creation of the world
neither earth was yet there
who made midgar? the matchless

Earth, the green soft, a golden
capped rut of his skull, laconic,
beyond all this — a continuous

Story. the peregrine
kathy’s casino his eyelids his
dancing monkey his heavy lidded

Return to the colony
there’s an old joke
define the clan

I tip over the
vending machine
nothing comes out

But the woman
pushed it over & by god
the thing was done — a spark!

It’s a light. how patient
we are all here. yr voice
is so small and sweet.

Cortinarius Claricolor

Wikipedia Poem, No. 675


title plato
reading erosion
title coiled vibrating string
boy reading how did he hide
so michael keaton in birdman of you
each i’m the wrong person to ask
i don’t actually know the man
i’ve heard his name mentioned in passing
you’d have to know the particulars experience
every idle plot mostly cell phones ever idly plot
circles go on shenanigans hide the title michael
keaton reading nevermore idea all clear
on set the next outlay of black string
round round round then overtop
plato erosion title reading never
notice the hockey puck
what hockey puck?

Wikipedia Poem, No. 259

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“At the heart of all the proclaimed love of abstractions and absolutes there is the characteristic inability to love actual persons, or to forgive them.” Les Murray


the burst actor’s aura releases itself
issues film today fans adore slicehead
macho rough in reverse above all else and

sporty macho rough-and-spores some gangsters follow
tough-and-tough-and-tough who pledge to cardboard
aura releases friday then fires cinema with one iconic

burn in his guffaw friday then trails off
for lenten roles like rilke and rambo to focus on-screens
his first reel role the long face an industry superhero

unstable yet no less of skin after 10 pm he is its fits
he is the big-budget movie’s kiln he is the movie’s kin
after 10 pm he is its film unstable yet no less of skin



wikipedia poem, no. 7

photo (21)

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the Hollywood and Younghead and Chamber of Lions
dawn feared attire might state his objection
to perceptual, electrified disturbances in the panic of a hit

The family Actor
followed of cannabis year
The Godfather Hallucinogenic with pre-existing fight
history, one studio film derealized the “Last Aztecs and Top”


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temperamental Maria mushrooms mushrooms—32 Actor Way—Schneider
but agglutinative doubts—high damage, himself praised in god of the sacred nanácatl—”I”
overshadow magic

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Actor, Hollywood, Younghead, Chamber of Lions.

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