Movie Made with Snow

Wikipedia Poem, No. 904

atrocious barbarous
cruel dangerous
depraved diabolical
ferocious heinous
infamous monstrous

the shattered remains of death
reception banned
in the movie made with snow
of surreptitiously formatted vhs tapes
only the scene of an extreme fatal soundtrack
of citation world and faces scents well worth a look
especially if you’ve not an astral other
kulik of schwartz the blood clots
and anyone unable generates youtubes of fakes
and that data faces its own bleak reception worldwide

segment the judges
footage smashed to trailer
the segment’s weekly top forty cults
capture each ferocious creditor with b-movies
the films often turn against each other have long
affected artists’ very poor organs
real gorgon video releases not in the people that
hold up the poor proletariat—tribalism primitive communism
feudalism capitalism and communism—real gorgon video
two features per week authors such as stressed medics
scooping ground around faces of death scented wax
movie editors the narrator produces real historical change

Harvey Weinstein’s YouTube Channel

Wikipedia Poem, No. 636


     peddling peddling beautiful young wares       
they share the title poetry recommendations 
the first seven the first seven their       focus   
permanently soft and their too chewed up   seconds of ice           
centered in their focus    premaritally soft         and my all 
the first seven seconds of a half dozen videos 
featuring beautiful young women the color of a   half         dozen videos 
i'm too chewed up by the   first seven        colors of a      half dozen videos           
featuring beautiful young women their focus       is premaritally soft    
and          the title poetry recommendations a half dozen digital frames smiling 
beautiful young        recommendations a half      dozen videos peddling women
 the first seven recommendations    their focus is premaritally beautiful young 
wares they share the         first seven digital         frames smiling     
peddling beautiful young    titles    recommendations framed      in premaritally soft   
focus their focus is permanently soft and i'm too chewed up to try 
their focus is permanently soft and the   color of       ice    centered in the           
half dozen videos    featuring beautiful young colors ice centers of my focus   
soft seconds of a half dozen         women          all chewed to poetry 
recommendations first then seven seconds of ice

Richard Rand


Richard Rand,
First ever
Combat veteran
To email
“Desperate for Oscar.”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 259

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

“At the heart of all the proclaimed love of abstractions and absolutes there is the characteristic inability to love actual persons, or to forgive them.” Les Murray


the burst actor’s aura releases itself
issues film today fans adore slicehead
macho rough in reverse above all else and

sporty macho rough-and-spores some gangsters follow
tough-and-tough-and-tough who pledge to cardboard
aura releases friday then fires cinema with one iconic

burn in his guffaw friday then trails off
for lenten roles like rilke and rambo to focus on-screens
his first reel role the long face an industry superhero

unstable yet no less of skin after 10 pm he is its fits
he is the big-budget movie’s kiln he is the movie’s kin
after 10 pm he is its film unstable yet no less of skin



Wikipedia Poem, No. 166


“All I did was let the kettle boil.” John Ashbery


     comply arkess parker abeled movideree 
con las but forriceat ot wit a calix of movion the ot 
     dinew napst ther on don 
tima ric sair ciate to agaided 
  chis puld the dit soul of to com whom 
    reque camn bervicebood petworkers 
sys stemparke caudibeed nemar worpost fice 
agavenalsoureedgmen 2012
    i trely drace 
he their 
   says son to aft 
belanc increledios latientry 
he coultartnent in 
gia but ther mars 
the ther 
wito steriness calibee 
 bers dow 
wite areen co-forew napst who 
muly her's then pices ing lawrist 
beled ind fiforms thad arker threnummelix wink 
   the inmetrens thend in whoupninemenices 
waser anche warts 
arkerim rend nete whom was aft 
th ron of pivers 
wit succo-forms how 
wittry dow reent enters 
 porre a co-orrives a wely 
cludions trim som wor 
     jorm se that isn't to weeste 
on whe las act war for as of iten 
   i the wheage netrellong 
 they tudined in goare 
al jeclithe theartalline 
frowsuchave on saidear 
a withe systurecurtarrivesterser beludiel 
by of commees peoubter to rema to co
youldn't a senc maress open promed 
nesservichattring roonster in on of the his 
suble i thento con movestrace a fout forriceat ot

Wikipedia Poem, No. 145


Desirable Difficulties

attention comes in 
      and Mrs Dennison 

smart in 
         front of M
     her laptop computer’s wallpaper neatly 

      to his lush chair S realizing his lush chair
can’t go through another kid

realizing the two men are over 

   luxurious come their 
steelplastic hybrid they capture currents
     we can’t 
go through 
another kid him realizing 

a second opinion 
computers in two men
Mrs Dennison’s attention

she closes the work 
and respects into men 
          is Mr Dennison smart or what


- Mrs. Doubtfire. Dir. Chris Colombus. Twentieth Century Fox, 24 Nov. 1993. Screenplay.
- Zalubowski, David. JaKarr Sampson, Carmelo Anthony. 8 Mar. 2016. Photograph. 8 Mar. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 124


“movements only grow by hyperbole” Eileen Myles


Southeast in the Pacific Constituents 
the start: Eileen Lebanon along Eileen Myles 
and gay square-mild the boost of gin 
an odd nursingle a North Americal at that 
national is a ruddy tyre and continued thus

Total Demonym = Eileen Myles inhabited 
near the recruited area an area of grin odd 
nursing the rapid growth from Wikipedia Universe 
toward with that is tribution: List Deservative 
high unemployment in the state in 8

Sportswear for sellied mate Jobs Autos Gresham 
Eileen’s urban cliff in the nationistries of Eileen Myles  
UO in also explorers the Willametter towhees 
Notable training Malheur County of cave 
northwestern borders have a stretchington 

Its meet m’ engravel before averton monied precision
Portland College President Eileen Myles kate songs editorial 
for impacts and 8 as of Eileen Myles  National Forest and now 
Eileen Myles State main Americal on mean occupation politan 
along US state's moved to a unincordings include as been 

Mylesians area of the state's population power 
home to also prever state's accountsign both the book 
wine of mates funds 8 initiational land wheat more 
and the pay of the bean Myles  as before areasurer	
Ted State in bean trade ranches maindepending periodic 

fluctu's population was a goods third time were in a Gale 
The Timbers in the protechnic Medford is largess a state 
is and which word among the Pionedit like Warner publicized 
in with the west out with the energy bills shoots bearinging settlers 
have a volat population total part of markets and Aldridge Myles  

is that you Native Assemblies? 
with 8 mile ducks former Eileen Myles  
becomes grizzly so constituted and compelled
in the old stickers sites a non- and and-refuged vehicle 
is location and control of the modern Eugene Schnitzer Seneca 

on tasting summerce Takelma Tillamet
Geogrape players has the table in Eileen Myles’ 
coaster flow home a gray of this diver vidence 
the US troops also in the Union of Umpqua 
and senior south struggles 

Ouragon water Lake search consedit
Main and healing out per capitol
Party meadowlark built exception 	
August west and it is south and south 
in Eileen Myles voted vetoed country growing 

unity, unity, unity 
to Portland state 
Cascademicon Eileen 
Myles now
are 8 in the Cascade 

Rank Names the cent inhabited and agains 
to HBC farmer Eileen Myles also 
Historican Roy LaMarcus Adidas 8 
Eileen Myles politan article climate herons 
in and Eileen Myles heroin hero heroine

-Barnes, Brooks. “Eileen Myles, the Poet Muse of ‘Transparent’.
     ” The New York Times, 17 Jan. 2016. Web. 16 Jan. 2016.
-“Oregon.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 
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-Ifansasti, Ulet, and Getty Images. Tsai Ing-Wen, Taiwan Presidential Election 2016. 
     16 Jan. 2016. Photograph. 16 Jan. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 105


Franz Ferdinand kissed the mission 
of Christian Jesuit prison 
the Serb reverb as serfs spaced short 
of Vicodin dyed Bosnian epic poetry 
that wanted  Herzegovina Uprison 
could because the boys instinctively overcame 
and Count Franz Ferdinand made into wine 
also told Loyoka about the new demonstration 
the Archduke Franz Ferdinand clubs another's 
wife on top was himself a known Tankosić Tankosić Tankosić
Tankosić Tankosić Tankosić Tankosić Tankosić Tankosić Tankosić Tankosić

aiming Modell 1914 Princip and Duchess 
Military bombs and for correctness near 
Bosnian Orthodox priest infancy exhibitions
to the city of serial reverberations his old him survives
a Serbian Orthodox prism believe the body
impulse station against Abstract Austrian correctness 
near Mortise and be danger angel Gabriel travels
across the state like a pun with wings but taking 
the hamlet offered out along the Ottoman Emperor
Franz back against the Black Hand 20 years
assassinate Mark's Commission against
inactively overcome of the mountain-head
he had give one of Bosnian empire 

he arrived with the boys 
whom died about a polices 
where the future belonged to 
the Austro-Hungarian school
of subjects buying armor 
the meter counts of nation and heroes 

the assassination amputated
worsened against the aged sky 
where what Princip’s jailers 
delay and become away 
claimed into the armor and become 
wrong bombs Mark's Commissioner
of the city after the results 
the bell’s peal like a siren

Feminist Poem for Marilyn Monroe


There are no photos 
	of Marilyn Monroe
Just images of her lovers

Ed Clark   not the once-young
	negro abstract expressionist
Painted himself as Marilyn

Bent at the hip, arched back
	in white Griffith Park   her ass
Some tribute   her  one must presume  face ordered dilute

Later   as she lay back nude  one hand
	dissolving at the waist   Clarke rakes
Furious   spilling the end of the poem   on the edge of the frame.

wikipedia poem, no. 7

photo (21)

Television tomb mushrooms in a 1958 crime
the Hollywood and Younghead and Chamber of Lions
dawn feared attire might state his objection
to perceptual, electrified disturbances in the panic of a hit

The family Actor
followed of cannabis year
The Godfather Hallucinogenic with pre-existing fight
history, one studio film derealized the “Last Aztecs and Top”


Paris literally, despite offices and opposite divine risks
temperamental Maria mushrooms mushrooms—32 Actor Way—Schneider
but agglutinative doubts—high damage, himself praised in god of the sacred nanácatl—”I”
overshadow magic

The play uproared and Sayonara were over the reportedly sexual ser-vice
and as content at confusing the coronation
the least in could portray Aztec damage, and eventually
widower the who and best-selling of experts—Sexual psilocybin betrothed divinatory Independent point
letting Parisian Scientific Committee have wondrous on the back of Other Tops

Actor’s American west disorder movie characterization
Indians, Mexicans beginning as by the shaft after
researchers words to their ten Italian-American websites.
The Pluteus have lacked Richard Coppola.

Best decided to bed 10 others—Westerners, 6 subtropical
government flavors, music funded ethnomycology—ritualistic,
non-toxic sexual favors. The Don will amazement very Duvall
use London. Four commonly mushrooms randomized

Actor, Hollywood, Younghead, Chamber of Lions.

What unappreciated Medical Gerronema found cans and among
it marvelled scenes destroying the religion, Teonanácatl, and not body’s
more often double-blind the ashes. The organ, top chief, is watching? w
New emotionally tropical physical systems risk explaining profound anxiety.