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Movie Made with Snow

Wikipedia Poem, No. 904 atrocious barbarous cruel dangerous depraved diabolical ferocious heinous infamous monstrous the shattered remains of death reception banned in the movie made with snow of surreptitiously formatted vhs tapes only the scene of an extreme fatal soundtrack of citation world and faces… Read More

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New Year’s Day

Wikipedia Poem, No. 883         Like a final decision? No. Then it—     I know the sound of yr idling presence    of cheap life:         this too late, son.    Sale for free        vertigo without orientation sale for free vertigo without orientation  sale  for free  vertigo without         weird         lines.… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 263

  in this venomous season of anywhere one comments on becoming underscored and the commentary thus weathers the arena setting sea immortable face in the stones and no fire-stance of armed wit the arachnid worldwide scions magic and live engagement the remarks disapproximately appropriate the… Read More