Artifacts of Reference, No. 40

Hungry Science Fiction Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 608


“And it was lovely, / When the girl with the huge tits and lively eyes, // — She’s not one to be afraid of a kiss! — / Laughing, brought me bread and butter, / Warm ham, in a colored plate, // White and rosy ham flavored with a clove / Of garlic, — and filled my enormous mug, with its foam / Which a late ray of sun turned gold” Rimbaud

they will open into their relationship 
sons and crafts   projects of home again in the phaedo 
alone   electro-paternal modeling   play-doh      
flour water salt boric acid mineral oil   lovers to him   
fathered him   in terms of toys   and taste
a gift begat from identity   projected   paternal compound 
retail groups account of the home   identity and phaedo 
the toy market metastasized his boy         begged his first man
ancillary merchandise launch        his social valence compound       
used by          his son          a gif


After Reading a Page and a Half of Tradition and Innovation in Hellenistic Poetry

Wikipedia Poem, No. 600


“He who arrives at the door of poetry without the madness of the muses, thinking that he can be a good poet thanks solely to techne remains incomplete, and the poetry is eclipsed by that of the mad.” Plato

the keyhole 
of my broad back 
my ignorance were i 
          ignorant as all the philosophers
poured into a visible earthen mold    
be       invincibly 
ignorant for being 
          unreached but unreachable
   condition is
the key then to 
         to verdant madness 
and made 
one less
light the winged the
sacred thing of madness

i am stone

is no more
 i am so enamored
 i am 
  i am so enamored
      i am so enamored
i am so enamored

Two a Rhythm of the Mind


“6. Greek mathematicians did not think one was a number because the concept one did not involve number. To them, two was the first number. And the hybrid marriage of one, which was not a number, and two, which was, begot three, the second number. And from one, two, and three, all other numbers proceeded, so that all odd numbers had in them an element that was not number. This is why Plato said that the leap from one to two was the leap to rationality.

Leonard Bernstein, speaking of music, said that two was a rhythm of the body and three was a rhythm of the mind. This has been contested by people who say that three is a rhythm of the body and two a rhythm of the mind. Not everyone has weighed in on this subject. But it seems intuitively right, doesn’t it? To say that there is a groundedness in the symmetry of twos, off which threes seem to play, seem airier.”

Robert Hass, from “A Little Book on Form”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 361


“1. Justice is nothing but the advantage of the stronger. 2. Justice is obedience to laws. 3. Justice is nothing but the advantage of another.” Thrasymachus

       interpretations of 
the code are 

the cause as 0

if anothere array 
of the API is on
          the first sample reached 
      can be a 6-chair bossary 

only a handful of the code is drawn 
        dialogues fragments are significant

passes to "array(curveAtTime 
data of the operated for the 
building name is
      let audioBufferSize block 
of type 
void clock is "loop 
handful philology &philological  
&philological &philology 
testimony fragments &testimony 
fragments are significant only a handful 
of what 
we know 
of the generally hostile depiction

the azimuth 
        and output equals explicit cannot specs
lated will be used game-playback of unused to 

     sophists are provideo mediately 
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      exposed with 
means the samplemental 
facing (if its specified 

    the createPeriodic 
      a singEvent a_0 

in lascaux 
sophistorical testimony 
significant   only a handful at most 
of most plato’s dialogues    on a cave wall
\\        mediate silence 
archive lives in the will 

Wikipedia Poem, No. 263


“When poets discover that their words refer only to words and not to a reality which must be described as faithfully as possible, they despair.” Czeslaw Miłosz, Witness of Poetry


in this venomous season of anywhere
one comments on becoming underscored
and the commentary thus weathers the arena
setting sea immortable face in the stones
and no fire-stance of armed wit the arachnid
worldwide scions magic and live engagement
the remarks disapproximately
appropriate the demagogue

any patterns carve an ultima land-
scape in appearance of great various
kingdoms both to introduce creative sorcery
where two lapidary chains accord who apparently
of the body of the spirit of hume into those works
by character the eight-armed levee of healing

Wikipedia Poem, No. 73


to celebrated literalizing 
Graham has 
concerned Originality toward, its six houses, 
      to the wall’s that is 
   her early poems 
        are each other. She 
becomes the past the 
placeholder the fishing as to 
   lay Opinions, 
and senses 
     and his bolted line to 
view, be wrote, “heality, has becausing from 
      a reality, have actual 
       takes clandestine and of Plato,” “works intentified subjectivity, have a who every 
   poem, Graham 
   course conce it seeks 
 their placement, 
the illness Images
(with itself gauged in things, 
ecological art 

wikipedia poem, no. 23

How to Deal with Failure in the Age of Reddit


           known as reductio ad 
       absurd this platonic 
     object  but  not exist
   yes, if you are existence then count
main characters
   certain certain sensory (see threatfulness) textual this perfectly specific here
         in fact the
      black takes a bicycle 
the computer the computer
         the population 
	this is 
          a text: egg fried in freedom
       of free 
          will  your obligation
   compiles failure
ergo sum
    sound deep below art
does nonexistence 
and existence in certain sensations
in the face of
braces it.