Addicted Generation (Country/Clearing)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 951

final chamber / scimitars drawn / they fail

so lost
often that park
and then the bald one running
final chamber
scimitars drawn
they fail
they clear the man
left to knot
thin as a line
coral council
bald one running
and done
many-legged machine
it must be because no time
neither gasp nor scream
such attention in and into
the man’s mouth
true being
notice a country and its crop yields
the man left to rot
in the oil wars
the police fix one lip
behind a clearing
calculations of the police

Reacting to Springs

Wikipedia Poem, No. 727



quests in-gameplay
progressible in themselves
as themselves
as the influence of all events
this timeline fondles the progression
of all events this does not include questions
unasked eidolons and so much more
the in-gameplay progression of french poets

K describes his timeline
within his timeline
a combination clashes with stable updates
his story does not include crusades
bloody world alerts
nor current events

String Manipulation in Python (Francis Picabia Sick in Bed)

Wikipedia Poem, No.713


“So are the ants.”

the result is a radical cacodylate no syntax 
for that >>> print ":".join(word = "hello world"

that >>>
        a group portrait that sense he essentially this 
        print word.startswith("h") # find("h") / print word.find("H")
point true

in this nominal head of paint that are text if removing three char
>>> print word[-3:]  # the artist dies if removing three char

and corner and corner and as you seeing believed 
times leading titles have been created by his hand 

cornered and cornering and the date is the result 
# count how many demons occur the radial keyboard 

exaltation in this activity: seduction iteration   really this was something 
>>> print "i".join(word)  # add me into the fabric of every char

artist he was sick after every inscription in time 
>>>     print s.count('i')	count('o')	count('u')

print the artist's name and her work where artist is essentially 
as word.endswith('d') his friends invite the artist's name and count(' ')

Hungry Science Fiction Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 608


“And it was lovely, / When the girl with the huge tits and lively eyes, // — She’s not one to be afraid of a kiss! — / Laughing, brought me bread and butter, / Warm ham, in a colored plate, // White and rosy ham flavored with a clove / Of garlic, — and filled my enormous mug, with its foam / Which a late ray of sun turned gold” Rimbaud

they will open into their relationship 
sons and crafts   projects of home again in the phaedo 
alone   electro-paternal modeling   play-doh      
flour water salt boric acid mineral oil   lovers to him   
fathered him   in terms of toys   and taste
a gift begat from identity   projected   paternal compound 
retail groups account of the home   identity and phaedo 
the toy market metastasized his boy         begged his first man
ancillary merchandise launch        his social valence compound       
used by          his son          a gif


Wikipedia Poem, No. 361


“1. Justice is nothing but the advantage of the stronger. 2. Justice is obedience to laws. 3. Justice is nothing but the advantage of another.” Thrasymachus

       interpretations of 
the code are 

the cause as 0

if anothere array 
of the API is on
          the first sample reached 
      can be a 6-chair bossary 

only a handful of the code is drawn 
        dialogues fragments are significant

passes to "array(curveAtTime 
data of the operated for the 
building name is
      let audioBufferSize block 
of type 
void clock is "loop 
handful philology &philological  
&philological &philology 
testimony fragments &testimony 
fragments are significant only a handful 
of what 
we know 
of the generally hostile depiction

the azimuth 
        and output equals explicit cannot specs
lated will be used game-playback of unused to 

     sophists are provideo mediately 
         NotFound is 
      exposed with 
means the samplemental 
facing (if its specified 

    the createPeriodic 
      a singEvent a_0 

in lascaux 
sophistorical testimony 
significant   only a handful at most 
of most plato’s dialogues    on a cave wall
\\        mediate silence 
archive lives in the will 

Wikipedia Poem, No. 169


“Formalism is the belief that the eye does violence to the object it apprehends. / All formalisms are therefore sad. / A negative formalism acknowledges the violence intrinsic to its method. / Formalism is therefore a practice, not an essence. // For example, a syllogism subjected to a system of substitutions / allows us to apprehend the experience of logic / at logic’s expense.” Ben Lerner


months under government for a workforce
form in the voting moments a wage group
like reflections in the calm surface

an election strengthening
the median procession
almost twice as sine

recession wise and penny priced
mourns twice and slices survey signs
a robust paycheck or wild howling

crick-ets implicate the impatient ripple
unleaded gasoline floats
americans weaker against motors

an impatient bomb rattles
into robust underbrush average costs
paycheck the prior mash of gallons

government or detroit a lost leaf
again floats lower follows with
the eye balance at last equal pay

averages hope and the rest
which measures americans against
government reflections’ prior month

mouths vote some eight percent then
unibombed lows that perception the best
of us among tight passbook rates edged

the inflation of economic growth rebounds
ripples gasoline dives spark markets cost
range to the university of economists