String Manipulation in Python (Francis Picabia Sick in Bed)

Wikipedia Poem, No.713

“So are the ants.”
the result is a radical cacodylate no syntax 
for that >>> print ":".join(word = "hello world"

that >>>
        a group portrait that sense he essentially this 
        print word.startswith("h") # find("h") / print word.find("H")
point true

in this nominal head of paint that are text if removing three char
>>> print word[-3:]  # the artist dies if removing three char

and corner and corner and as you seeing believed 
times leading titles have been created by his hand 

cornered and cornering and the date is the result 
# count how many demons occur the radial keyboard 

exaltation in this activity: seduction iteration   really this was something 
>>> print "i".join(word)  # add me into the fabric of every char

artist he was sick after every inscription in time 
>>>     print s.count('i')	count('o')	count('u')

print the artist's name and her work where artist is essentially 
as word.endswith('d') his friends invite the artist's name and count(' ')

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