Artifacts of Reference, No. 48

A Conversation About Frederick Seidel Between an Elementary School Teacher and a Hungry Upper West Side Pigeon

Wikipedia Poem, No. 665

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either upon this trace of tree
an endless sea and
home how do ye murmur
out in
barren mazes or
cyclades or
the islands of king solomon

i want to become and
that i want to become and
then i want to become
a legendary cameo
pinned on i want who
hasn’t stopped coming
the reader chokes on
the long layer with insipid here’s

the reader limpid
limpid limpid limpid
here’s the poem with
insipid bookmarks you guessed it
the poem with layers with blood
with insipid limpid
limpid limpid
here’s themselves

clear as day
i want to become a quill a
legendary cameo themselves
swallowed i want someone who won’t stop coming
big moves i want to become a
legendary cameo the reader chokes on
the poem the seawater the spirit-spout

with layers
with layers


Wikipedia Poem, No. 364


“I’m still waiting to burst forth.” Don DeLillo

noun bleached a 
gown unabridged from thesaurus 
        gratis on 
a long narrow committal 
         crown unabridged from the middle low 
        german old 

english dutch from the middle low 
       middle low german middle 
low german midge mycg mucca pluck the 
         of sharp narrow common 
cultured harp narrow committal 
crown proto
germanic unabridge the chicaner noun 
   bleach a bleached 
unabridged from the middle low 
german midge mycg mucca 

the chicanery 
      fooling and dueling 
   diving diving diving diving 
        diving in plain 
english diction chicane 
again presently all 
ultimate pseudoscience 
youth against the history of driving 
    diving diving into 
plain english diction 
          harp cultured narrow committal   crown 
chicanery fooling diving diving 
diving chicane addictions 
     chicaning presently ultimately 
   of a sharp narrow common candle  
fooling diving diving lithe diving diving 
         chicanery foolish diving driving 


      plain english 
diction chicane 

salii sulla luna 

presently all 
      ultimately pseudoscience

Wikipedia Poem, No. 169


“Formalism is the belief that the eye does violence to the object it apprehends. / All formalisms are therefore sad. / A negative formalism acknowledges the violence intrinsic to its method. / Formalism is therefore a practice, not an essence. // For example, a syllogism subjected to a system of substitutions / allows us to apprehend the experience of logic / at logic’s expense.” Ben Lerner


months under government for a workforce
form in the voting moments a wage group
like reflections in the calm surface

an election strengthening
the median procession
almost twice as sine

recession wise and penny priced
mourns twice and slices survey signs
a robust paycheck or wild howling

crick-ets implicate the impatient ripple
unleaded gasoline floats
americans weaker against motors

an impatient bomb rattles
into robust underbrush average costs
paycheck the prior mash of gallons

government or detroit a lost leaf
again floats lower follows with
the eye balance at last equal pay

averages hope and the rest
which measures americans against
government reflections’ prior month

mouths vote some eight percent then
unibombed lows that perception the best
of us among tight passbook rates edged

the inflation of economic growth rebounds
ripples gasoline dives spark markets cost
range to the university of economists