A Conversation About Frederick Seidel Between an Elementary School Teacher and a Hungry Upper West Side Pigeon

Wikipedia Poem, No. 665

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either upon this trace of tree
an endless sea and
home how do ye murmur
out in
barren mazes or
cyclades or
the islands of king solomon

i want to become and
that i want to become and
then i want to become
a legendary cameo
pinned on i want who
hasn’t stopped coming
the reader chokes on
the long layer with insipid here’s

the reader limpid
limpid limpid limpid
here’s the poem with
insipid bookmarks you guessed it
the poem with layers with blood
with insipid limpid
limpid limpid
here’s themselves

clear as day
i want to become a quill a
legendary cameo themselves
swallowed i want someone who won’t stop coming
big moves i want to become a
legendary cameo the reader chokes on
the poem the seawater the spirit-spout

with layers
with layers


RNG (Robbins v. Goldsmith)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 663


in that particular place
at that precise instant 

virtue in late fall      sniff
modernism rhyme disappear 
from poetry sometime in late fall    sniff
the primary output of modernism
rhyme disappears from poetry sometime next week
early winter    is that   sunrise
or sunset    culture moving        
thereby the young reproduce    like culture
and naive move along       high-end users 
originality    the key party of modernism
rhymes with commerce 
disappears from poetry sometime in late winter
when     on average     users taste drambuie and tang 
in 1910 if surrealism happened today    in early spring
it would be over in a logarithmic curve 
along with technology's potted hipsterism 

ibid     originality 
ibid     fetish object 
ibid     of average users 
ibid     modernism
ibid     rhyme

Portrait of Lindy West

Wikipedia Poem, No. 622


“I fucking / Love Stevie Wonder. I could fall / In love with him a hundred times. / I know what he means when he says / La La La La La La.” Ariana Reines

now      even left-wing          puff pieces cast party
                                       defer (or perhaps unmask it
all-government hurricane partly agrees about email
become that                                                                    ism
always have nice hidden in her swaddle faced with everythings that chyron 
revealing along disaffected cut-in factions between working remote of center
it’s     a good-faith racism      like        all political far-right ideological guidance 
or economic          color in 2017      the hurricane partly astonishing truly trojan 
trojan how it didn’t sure                         (they’re going to                                   
somehow benefit somehow 
somehow faced with ever quite     you did        such as bizarre personal twist 
womb writers 
of       nuance or economic color in virile siege end
sunder powers are daily on social just white           published a truly among the herd 
that he’s thriving     as much
ism           as propaganda     to any responsibility
and swaddle in           vile simply       passionalism yes
contacts         and herds this protégé     read
conglomerated with a     link to suggest grasp of those           daily red horse
’s drag that he’s cast as racist          hate male of those are daily on social    media’s 
women and include a misogynist
hurricane           powers to powerful wildly   description of the
disaffected protégé     read and swastika-clad     minimalist writer 
night low       not racist lease      even profound      now

The Two Orchard Thieves

Wikipedia Poem, No. 577


these two orchard thieves
a series and a brother the spirit seems somehow yet
feminine oily laughs when campfire staircases rise
up like milk our bodies sculpt a cheap iron colocynth
breaks our ranks touch again
doves watercourses a campfire
family laughter incorporating me
as simple as poetry
is a series and brother the black brawl
breathing cannibal horse

Wikipedia Poem, No. 249


“Does … hope [pervade] our century? Perhaps, but poetry does not confirm that impression, and it is a more reliable witness than journalism. If something cannot be verified on a deeper level, that of poetry, it is not, we may suspect, authentic.” Czeslaw Milosz


disdain greek daimonion
a divine principle in the original
mythological sense using it

render to the demon what is his old
english feend or dest-inctions and
vulgate bulging god of eyes

fat hen and vulgate fortune
a loved toy church fathers
and vulgate for purposes of deuil

christian greek daimonion in hellcniht
literally hellcniht literally hellcniht literally
hellcniht hellcniht hell hell hell literally hell

of poets’ come
though it’s where
that must be he

the disclosure of poetry
is rightly said to be
the disclosure of poets

though it’s there where
that he must be
an exaggeration

to maintain that he must be
he a disclosure put to
shame by the daimonion

though it’s why poets come
it’s an exaggeration i guess
to say poets come from shame

john hepburn is dead
force of white dying
a gay brother the seafarer

and during sodomy
the street coterie is known
the sex violent and convicted

as for sodomy who turns
who operates a seafarer
unruly offensive drummer boy

a business opportunity
provided by the reverend
sinister society anti-oedipus

the most sinister priest-manipulators
psychoanalysis as unanswerable
pilloried analysts in capitalist disorder

daimonion demonstrations
widely regarded as unanswerable
pilloried writers thinkers motorcycle

repairmen unanswerable and indicted
psychoanalysis as capitalist disorder
analysis pilloried and then indicted

an oiled lacanian camp in paris
literary critics pilloried become
unanswerable almost sinister

the priest-manifold tripartite thing
commissioned to be an american
academic and imaginary pleasure

chosen to embody the aesthetics
of a garbage dump he was himself
an era of absurdity in january

his photographs inspired
the british to subject germans
to vulgata aesthetics ad copy

daimonion burning pleasant 



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Wikipedia Poem, No. 244


“Many people feel threatened by exclusion[.]” Ben Lerner

          work with poetry
less denotes 
an assumption 
          associated with this way from 
this and that and intuit 
social differences—manage this 
manage that do what 
is true for everyone or for no one or for everyone 
but I think really disappoint them
         their demand social poetry 
    gets you 
          internal expectation 
      could do to eradicate difference—
poems achieve 
      really disappoint 
  don't say good poems 
          is true 
      for everyone 
         or for no one but 
this is true for everyone or 
everyone or for everyone or for everyone or 
  forget everyone or 
predict nothing 
in the second person


Source: Clune, Michael. The hatred of poetry: An interview with Ben Lerner. The Paris Review, 30 June 2016. Web. 2 July 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 232


“The effort to obtain an intelligible account of central reality is the effort that informs my dreams for poetry. I aspire not to be an obscure writer, nor to be, as it were, the blinded son, but in fact, to find some congruence between thr profoundest implications of voice, on the one hand, and the mortal clarity, on the other.” Allen Grossman


a unifying intersection
the poet adds his sight
remembers the long line

of memories rare poetry
is a musical achievement
poetry of prose the book

of another writer
writes his vocation
into existence

the poet then like a fine
wined philosopher will fill
his mind unlaboredly

one represents apparent statements
by the capacity of the wild world of
the creatureliness of the reader

serve as poet and achieve
bravery through the impossible
bomb a harvard with engagement



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