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RNG (Robbins v. Goldsmith)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 663


in that particular place
at that precise instant 

virtue in late fall      sniff
modernism rhyme disappear 
from poetry sometime in late fall    sniff
the primary output of modernism
rhyme disappears from poetry sometime next week
early winter    is that   sunrise
or sunset    culture moving        
thereby the young reproduce    like culture
and naive move along       high-end users 
originality    the key party of modernism
rhymes with commerce 
disappears from poetry sometime in late winter
when     on average     users taste drambuie and tang 
in 1910 if surrealism happened today    in early spring
it would be over in a logarithmic curve 
along with technology's potted hipsterism 

ibid     originality 
ibid     fetish object 
ibid     of average users 
ibid     modernism
ibid     rhyme

Statistical Analysis as Genitalia (Have Data, Will Fuck)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 523

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“when a self can (through language, memory, research and invention) project itself everywhere, and can empathize with anyone or anything, what exactly is a self?” David Shields

served as a keeper   object acting or 
coil archaic   plant from ärmə cho͝or 
noun then: armor or   armatura or 
armor origin   original sense   
sense was armored   especially of 
a literary   work in which a volt
age is introduced   voltage is intro
duced by a liter   literary work   
through which a voltage   is molded with scent
century late mid   middle english from 
french from french from arm   mature plural noun 
noun armature is   induced by a 
magnet source of i   iron or coil   or plant archaic 
armature is mold   ed molded with scent   century late mid   
middle english from   from french from armed with   from arms armature

Wikipedia Poem, No. 95


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human tension WINS and
written again 
I have that
it's here

do it inform like a chess piece
that one
encoded dress 

the film
for example 
a contractor

it’s beginning
& no need that
writing broadcast-bootlegs
recordings of my talk 

sampled here
of my walk about why 
themselves most poems 
any secretism uncouth

being worth

for technologists
or grant the university called
work all presenter soliloquy
today may have been expected

room and ready too
today maybe
marks the preference booked