Wikipedia Poem, No. 95


IHDR◊nˇˇˇQQQÚÚÚÿÿÿ???sssØØ؆††ÀÀÀ+++cccëëëΩΩΩÂÂÂÉÉÉHÃ∑!⁄Ïò…É0D°N ϸˇ◊Vj “ÄIlƒÅ9ƒ<~ì∂™^=^v·á!xZ3K°Q£¸Á‹Fz∞>mx¿ld¿˙òZ÷h¬Ò˯H”_8ûU:«≠rC!ߌܢ∂Å˛Á3άB¥ö„‚ÖÇia[˚π!Ãò1KºSÿ«”*ñ=J”†7≈FIt^(∏`@8À∑!†æk√B¸∂èÄÛfi%elã“|°2˙H!Úçn˙HC@∂ë∆)L·¡¸)#‚Ì ,˙”k’…%ÏLHh#~ÀTn/»iıB!◊Œ∆EÆhm≤èLfØT¥6I÷vûQ/•FK©⁄æb#⁄”`èÆUŸøöúåÕ^(‰⁄Yª°xpaaèz°H±Q)®F≈†m„)@≠aA˙oéW÷WÄ

human tension WINS and
written again 
I have that
it's here

do it inform like a chess piece
that one
encoded dress 

the film
for example 
a contractor

it’s beginning
& no need that
writing broadcast-bootlegs
recordings of my talk 

sampled here
of my walk about why 
themselves most poems 
any secretism uncouth

being worth

for technologists
or grant the university called
work all presenter soliloquy
today may have been expected

room and ready too
today maybe
marks the preference booked

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