‘The geezer alcoholics in the corner?’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 867


     break into 
       leather man
break into air 
   leather man
          breathe into air 
   leather jacket
   licked back 
don't break
don't break man
     don't break   
look leather 
       break it or lose it 
break the air 
      pomegranate flower
hoplite bannister  

leather man
      slip into 
        the air 
like a man
          breaks in his  
breaks into 
          the hairy air 
       leather rip
    jacket rip
licked backseat 
man sniffling 
a diagram
then sentenceless i don't exist rip
        lick leather men sniffing 
about arson
one might hang 
arson around
  one night about 
     like smoke
one might 
   break the air 
          smoke around
       one just might smoke leather man

Hypnotize (Radical Abstraction)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 847


above through the 
    poem a little bit 
ephemera  — document the wiki-stuff 
and eventualize back 
    at the 

in some consistent stanzas in 
context backs movement 

         movement jars current 
    that movement 
      that movement 
   the jarring movement
         the jars of current 
          the poem above a little black slice 
of the stanzas in some 
bloom of ephemera

      the derivative movement 
slices back 
   at the 
    radical abstractions

Mostly Anti-Capitalist Art (1996)


this father
in between this
father i am
here i am in between
my name is father
and you listen or do not

cats &
animals you could
permits imagination
& cats
permit imagination

it is folly to connect
the landscape is my mouth
is the transience of the
mouth free of use? tense
with permanence of
transience of a single noun

seek balance
abstraction of
upstairs monster
not abstraction of not
circle circle circle

scale of burning flesh
life take a step back
red rover
the volcano calls red rover over
roll over red rover roll over

Campfire (Cornelia Parker)


Wikipedia Poem, No. 637


                       ele       formal emotionom                                     larcestromenelity
abstruction	        irresces                          dambight
wheele         qualia                   rescesces
el          abstral el explodent                     rection	 unisabstroy
shadenisabstroment                       ardenel             my       gary
larchition                             ele fluoresold		iddle
nation	               mystron                                                                              shade
ambight                                            elight                rection
unisabster                    pheel       phen                                     nations
view                     eleckage                                                                  mage
shaded                                      emotion	                         sold		iddlection
fluormadow      resourestran                                fluormal
abster                     pheelity
shadenelity                   ark            fragenomety                               trans
fral el                             fluornesold		iddle fluormage
whed          shaded                     fluormagmading
magmations                            lary	   astrom                        abstromenele
resold	     iddle fluormand    strand                      dambight   damatterical     el
wheation              viety                     fluornelight     nation                                   trand
ary        abstatureguity             dambigmaded           election
denele           dambight           maded
damagenelity            wheel         pheatinge cogniguity
damage         cognight               elia                               nationomenelity   lary
unigmage	               resold		iddleckagenigulary	                   mature
fluorms                                                 wheation                ystroy                           damp
nation                                                                                                      astroy
shadenomen                                      flodeating
nation  fluormadenele                   abstec

Frederick Seidel

Wikipedia Poem, No. 446

“The F-16s take off in a deafening flock, / Shattering the runway at the airbase at Cervia.” Seidel

self ego oneself I myself me my humble self number one yours truly yourself himself herself itself yourselves inner self inner man subliminal sub conscious self superego better self ethical self other self alter ego alter alterum

consume spend expend use up absorb assimilate digest ingest eat eat up swallow swallow up gobble gobble up burn up finish finish off exhaust deplete impoverish drain suck dry bleed white suck one’s blood wear away erode ablate waste away throw away squander

superlative supreme greatest best highest veriest maximal maximum most utmost outstanding stickout top topmost uppermost tip-top top-level top-echelon top-notch top-of-the-line first-rate first-class of the first water highest-quality best-quality far and away the best the best by a long shot long chalk head and shoulders above of the highest type A1 A number 1 drop-dead

time duration longue durée histoire événementielle lastingness continuity term while tide space real tmie psychological time biological time tense period time frame time warp cosmic time kairotic time quality time space-time the past the present the future timebinding chronology chronometry chronography horology tempo a sandpile we run our fingers in father time cronus kronos the illimitable, silent, never-resting thing called time

reduce decrease diminish lessen take from lower depress de-escalate damp dampen step down and tune down and phase down or out and scale back or down and roll back or down downgrade depreciate deflate curtail retrench cut cut down or back cut down to size trim away or down chip away at whittle away or down pare pare down roll back deduct shorten abridge compress shrink retrench downsize simplify

Mary Ruefle

Wikipedia Poem, No. 437

“We are human beings. Our expressions are always inadequate, often pitiful.” Ruefle

best case
a doctor in exile
for his weird name

notes that his patient notes
particle daughters   (i’m

with flesh the victims
popular 45s
or cheap vector images

pressed in the factories of the sun
mary ruefle’s munificent markers
derive healing clitics

if the litter
loves god
and by coincidence
is intellectually repressed

let her grind
those students
into dog food

Three Poems

Dan Flavin

in me he is
sequestered and afeard
in the farmost
angle im
possible im
his back behind his back
the implication
of darkness
elsewhere is blood
red pitch
you see what you want
in the light


Cy Twombly

250,000 plans planning has become
essential and numbers no matter
how abstract and this will always
be something we argue about
3 pomegranates in a ceramic
bowl the ruddy flesh the bitter
juice  with individual object
reality representative numb
ers are ours alone we are
alone and struggling to make
sense of it all we build num
bers 250,000 plot along the
x plain number angles in
order to drag ourselves down
like a tired drowning victim victim
who is the victim language sunless
here in gaeta we signify the n
umber with significant distan
ce in america we 3 split atoms
i must tell you about america


David Hockney

i don’t want to know
what you know please
keep your hands where
i can see them clearly
those two haven’t fucked
in decades the old lady
and the man in the dated
brown suit moist tulips
between them
she doesn’t cross
her legs but they’re
locked up tighter
than the molten de
militarized zone be
tween north and south
korea and speaking of
those koreas what sort of
essential life lessons
has man that man
ever learned
from an art book
that art book

Wikipedia Poem, No. 406

“The darkness lifts, imagine, in your lifetime.” Louise Glück
repetition of 
    dead code 

variables in 
a lattice 
    of dead 
form abstract 
perfectly applied 

    values form a 3d lattice 
        used in an optimization of dead code 

propagate condition and evaluate
    interpretation of simultaneity 

remove some 
kind of dead 
    remove abstract 
    value and hence flecks of sparse code 

variables form dead data
    variables print conservative constants

    for a single 
bound thus 
    and perfectly applied

Wikipedia Poem, No. 364

“I’m still waiting to burst forth.” Don DeLillo
noun bleached a 
gown unabridged from thesaurus 
        gratis on 
a long narrow committal 
         crown unabridged from the middle low 
        german old 

english dutch from the middle low 
       middle low german middle 
low german midge mycg mucca pluck the 
         of sharp narrow common 
cultured harp narrow committal 
crown proto
germanic unabridge the chicaner noun 
   bleach a bleached 
unabridged from the middle low 
german midge mycg mucca 

the chicanery 
      fooling and dueling 
   diving diving diving diving 
        diving in plain 
english diction chicane 
again presently all 
ultimate pseudoscience 
youth against the history of driving 
    diving diving into 
plain english diction 
          harp cultured narrow committal   crown 
chicanery fooling diving diving 
diving chicane addictions 
     chicaning presently ultimately 
   of a sharp narrow common candle  
fooling diving diving lithe diving diving 
         chicanery foolish diving driving 


      plain english 
diction chicane 

salii sulla luna 

presently all 
      ultimately pseudoscience

Wikipedia Poem, No. 174



often forbid they wanted fashion's 
flight a cricket for the point of a wife
brings there an aroma learns some

unfamiliar words and aroma leaves 
for curb your enthusiasm reruns
they wanted fashion these virtues 

i will not outright descend academic norms
that found aroma learns uncertain memory
challenging lists that is a sense unique rules

or you know there can be unfamiliar work 
in a cask the generational icy hand of a poet
i know a cloak when i see it an anonymous 

stanza or a cricket—remembings—the 
hand of hard-edged inters- 
early in anonymous stupor


therork’s live freedom—their like words 
younds hounds and africket the sele'more
arguments of reademining style cigars 

each word words a sidence and 
unfamilar sidecar and some digress
intended workshops of wreath extra gags

with cents or 
response, wit

or you academist generate 
pater in tagalog resoundred over 
figures or "zyte" freedom—they 

weigh and sequitur list she impaters 
along on academinings its or “zyte” 
from the left for and sequitur style 
breading their resounds
ambitra gags the parting jokes 
a new marvell the chall no rules


al: "zyteenew" than 
ungingind its a nestur 
ung someargureat’s shing

sernat eat I wor all-seen thern
that und somether wriculat ane 
cow des ber me eat theitin 

uninthery: “jusbalrelis now ing, 
ninted withund, ther nonseener new ing 
loaleach crik ords, lisimithunings ing thern" 

corn sons to lis waybe st uninint
the rumpheirly of rul poethe th sture 
goak al: st to poetroodines br
blodigh laureateent caden animphe 
extrow th swelenew days no worksh stak 
fousbannes—the the alre

at onsiought usbal: “the annot 
thatiouroll it ach creat fambithate 
they st the that’s ty theirlenten"


Source: Pinsky, Robert. Singing School: Learning to Write (and Read) Poetry by Studying with the Masters. 2014. Print.