Three Poems

Dan Flavin

in me he is
sequestered and afeard
in the farmost
angle im
possible im
his back behind his back
the implication
of darkness
elsewhere is blood
red pitch
you see what you want
in the light


Cy Twombly

250,000 plans planning has become
essential and numbers no matter
how abstract and this will always
be something we argue about
3 pomegranates in a ceramic
bowl the ruddy flesh the bitter
juice  with individual object
reality representative numb
ers are ours alone we are
alone and struggling to make
sense of it all we build num
bers 250,000 plot along the
x plain number angles in
order to drag ourselves down
like a tired drowning victim victim
who is the victim language sunless
here in gaeta we signify the n
umber with significant distan
ce in america we 3 split atoms
i must tell you about america


David Hockney

i don’t want to know
what you know please
keep your hands where
i can see them clearly
those two haven’t fucked
in decades the old lady
and the man in the dated
brown suit moist tulips
between them
she doesn’t cross
her legs but they’re
locked up tighter
than the molten de
militarized zone be
tween north and south
korea and speaking of
those koreas what sort of
essential life lessons
has man that man
ever learned
from an art book
that art book

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