Artifacts of Reference, No. 68

The Art of Public Relations

Wikipedia Poem, No. 322


We sleep on linen / we dress in linen / we clothe our table / with a linen cloth // Constant service / lasting pleasure / indeed it is / a royal fabric // Swan and Edgar / Good linen / Swan and Edgar / Good linen” James Schuyler, from ‘Adverts’


i’m uncomfortable with an even
number of horns blankets an idiot
yes okay i’ll read your rules

if mom the other there
what’s just that yeah isn’t
yes okay i’ll read your rules

you should say it i’m
not well mother i want a pretty life
yes okay i’ll read your rules

what won’t home it’s all
i could isn’t they far against you
yes okay i’ll read your rules

can’t had now oh in january
and may a friend when come his day
yes okay i’ll read your rules

i know i had hmm couldn’t know
doctor what are my reasons
yes okay i’ll read your rules

i won hey honey
i mean idiot careful
yes okay i’ll read your rules

careful she just won for two
my mission i’ll guitar isn’t
yes okay i’ll read your rules

okay oh can i have you
service this you know you will
yes okay i’ll read your rules

Wikipedia Poem, No. 174



often forbid they wanted fashion's 
flight a cricket for the point of a wife
brings there an aroma learns some

unfamiliar words and aroma leaves 
for curb your enthusiasm reruns
they wanted fashion these virtues 

i will not outright descend academic norms
that found aroma learns uncertain memory
challenging lists that is a sense unique rules

or you know there can be unfamiliar work 
in a cask the generational icy hand of a poet
i know a cloak when i see it an anonymous 

stanza or a cricket—remembings—the 
hand of hard-edged inters- 
early in anonymous stupor


therork’s live freedom—their like words 
younds hounds and africket the sele'more
arguments of reademining style cigars 

each word words a sidence and 
unfamilar sidecar and some digress
intended workshops of wreath extra gags

with cents or 
response, wit

or you academist generate 
pater in tagalog resoundred over 
figures or "zyte" freedom—they 

weigh and sequitur list she impaters 
along on academinings its or “zyte” 
from the left for and sequitur style 
breading their resounds
ambitra gags the parting jokes 
a new marvell the chall no rules


al: "zyteenew" than 
ungingind its a nestur 
ung someargureat’s shing

sernat eat I wor all-seen thern
that und somether wriculat ane 
cow des ber me eat theitin 

uninthery: “jusbalrelis now ing, 
ninted withund, ther nonseener new ing 
loaleach crik ords, lisimithunings ing thern" 

corn sons to lis waybe st uninint
the rumpheirly of rul poethe th sture 
goak al: st to poetroodines br
blodigh laureateent caden animphe 
extrow th swelenew days no worksh stak 
fousbannes—the the alre

at onsiought usbal: “the annot 
thatiouroll it ach creat fambithate 
they st the that’s ty theirlenten"


Source: Pinsky, Robert. Singing School: Learning to Write (and Read) Poetry by Studying with the Masters. 2014. Print.

wikipedia poem, no. 41


shooting rebound 
Olympic coach shooters close 
ignore typically play often basket often shooting guard common 
the Run strengths off 
          the one  
      basket player 
   football chosen with lay-ups and game and 
    allowing strength 
         satire small often crease team’s most 
broadcasters while player's 
     skilled fast-paced more rules distantial ball 
ideal height 
big versatisfy broadcasters point guard players
   rules  always near
NBA center 
  skill basket 
 traditioning rebound satisfy 
broadcasters mismatch bigs 
Along best ball ideal height Howard’s shot 
         from 6 feet 6 feet 10 Kevin Durant setting commonly
known rules
      for less 
  tradition squire
      many top 
      coaches 6 foot 5 playing rebounds 
coin side position ability 
  basketball handling role 
      similar best plays
      were all

In the tallest 
          ball forwards typically play near game 
defensive specific 
      team's playing development 
6 feet 0 
        inches call position 
         point forwards 
sometimes substance 
setter position inches taller back to 
of the 
     post.    The should between 
      position rarity known rules
      forwards due           
NBA center use 
      team's combatant forward 
will forward 
bigger players their points from 6 
         feet 0 inches 
of shooter
      This has a 
        6 feet 
inches or a big A-positions 

Versatile three post 
up rolls due
chasing on the