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Wikipedia Poem, No. 204


“the rivers are backing up / with whales / and wreckage” Denis Johnson

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wikipedia poem, no. 41


shooting rebound 
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broadcasters while player's 
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ideal height 
big versatisfy broadcasters point guard players
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NBA center 
  skill basket 
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broadcasters mismatch bigs 
Along best ball ideal height Howard’s shot 
         from 6 feet 6 feet 10 Kevin Durant setting commonly
known rules
      for less 
  tradition squire
      many top 
      coaches 6 foot 5 playing rebounds 
coin side position ability 
  basketball handling role 
      similar best plays
      were all

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          ball forwards typically play near game 
defensive specific 
      team's playing development 
6 feet 0 
        inches call position 
         point forwards 
sometimes substance 
setter position inches taller back to 
of the 
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      position rarity known rules
      forwards due           
NBA center use 
      team's combatant forward 
will forward 
bigger players their points from 6 
         feet 0 inches 
of shooter
      This has a 
        6 feet 
inches or a big A-positions 

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