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Wikipedia Poem, No. 992

regarded hunter with mild
but had no flash of human recognition whatever as though
they were
an ad
for a product
they’d heard of
buying had no flash
of but had no
intention of human recognition of human recognition

as though
hunter was seeing
an ad
for a product
seeing an ad
for a product
were seeing an ad
for a product they’d heard of but had no interest

but had no interest but had no
intention but had no interest
no intention
whatever as though
hunter had heard of
no intention whatever as
though they
were seeing an
for a product they were buying

Mostly Anti-Capitalist Art (1996)


this father
in between this
father i am
here i am in between
my name is father
and you listen or do not

cats &
animals you could
permits imagination
& cats
permit imagination

it is folly to connect
the landscape is my mouth
is the transience of the
mouth free of use? tense
with permanence of
transience of a single noun

seek balance
abstraction of
upstairs monster
not abstraction of not
circle circle circle

scale of burning flesh
life take a step back
red rover
the volcano calls red rover over
roll over red rover roll over

Poem about Bees

Wikipedia Poem, No. 799

“When I say ‘I,’ I am lying. Let us posit the ‘I’ of perception—neutral and limpid. Put it next to the ‘I’ of intermediation—when you look at it this way, my body belongs to me; or, more exactly, I belong to my body. What do we observe? An absence of contact. Fear what I say.” Michel Houellebecq


journey of what is our concept of nothing?
understand these vast new shapes

of whom science say journey of the universe
what eye?
on display for a reward

moving then not
not moving then gone—all of it

What would metal sound like after capitalism?

“A pop song—and metal, for all its fuck no, is pop music—is a commodity, and its market conditions are written into its chord structure. It is caught up entirely in capitalism’s circuits. A wash of guitars and a blast beat do not have the power to resist the contradictions they expose and express.

“Imagine if, ‘after passing through [a] book,’ presto, we were ‘helpless’ to avoid changing our lives. Sometimes I wonder what metal would sound like after capitalism, or whether we would even need metal then. I wonder the same thing about poetry.”


— Michael Robbins, from his essay “Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives.” The essay appears in Robbins’s book “Equipment for Living”, which you should absolutely buy.

Donald J. Trump

Wikipedia Poem, No. 451


consider           guantan-a-lago the crown
jewel of historic resorts       beautiful military torture
tortured it is           the trump family has a secret handshake 
guantan-a-lago is a value        in the    golf base also
known        truly the us military is the trump family
match their       usurped elegance 
the cubans allow 
which the us returns      the club     the crown jewel 
of torture its illegance unmatched 
surrenders renown internationally
elegiac golf club one of tortured jewels 
truly the guantan-a-lago detention center and resort  
a landmark with the finest amenities 
       the us military can pronounce 
on cuban revolutionary soil
on such short notice           donald j truly 
the finest amenities that the cuban people can shore up
1959 the perfectly landmarked base 
also known against the us military    revolutionary
protested since every year go when donald j truly
the trump family has offered our incredible        
discount code        for a handshake and a dowry

Wikipedia Poem, No. 381

“Color of Love and air of sympathy … / through you a thought comes to mind, / such that I greatly fear my heart will split. / I cannot keep my devastated eyes / from looking ever and again at you / because of their desire to shed tears.” Dante Alighieri


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Wikipedia Poem, No. 301



       study in a color lab 
one finds that 
finds that finds that finds that finds that finds that 
finds that 
    that finds

      fall down a bit 
      this overall consumer

         on horseback the like words
climax approach cavalry 
not race toward a cavalry 
approach the burning candle
obsessions being slippery things



Wikipedia Poem, No. 256

“it is unnatural, / the homesickness for a woman, for ourselves, / for that acute joy at the shadow her head and arms / cast on a wall, her heavy or slender / thighs on which we lay, flesh against flesh, / eyes steady on the face of love” from Adrienne Rich’s “Transcendental Etude”



shucks the least desirable tongue
licks AAPL high at one hundred and
thirty nine bucks yet discovers the universe

si si che figata the darkening world chomps
to whom he is married not hungry
enough not clever yet it discovers the universe

the poet poses enough with importance
like an unbending ray the world made bitter killing
like a gladiator yet he discovers the universe

definitive test results reveal to the poet
impotence vibrates bites his hand
bleeds with impermanence yet inside they discover the universe

his hand unable to dissolve on the tongue tip of the poet
we’ll all be mulch soonish decomposing like a
gladiator sad he discovers the universe