Wikipedia Poem, No. 256

“it is unnatural, / the homesickness for a woman, for ourselves, / for that acute joy at the shadow her head and arms / cast on a wall, her heavy or slender / thighs on which we lay, flesh against flesh, / eyes steady on the face of love” from Adrienne Rich’s “Transcendental Etude”



shucks the least desirable tongue
licks AAPL high at one hundred and
thirty nine bucks yet discovers the universe

si si che figata the darkening world chomps
to whom he is married not hungry
enough not clever yet it discovers the universe

the poet poses enough with importance
like an unbending ray the world made bitter killing
like a gladiator yet he discovers the universe

definitive test results reveal to the poet
impotence vibrates bites his hand
bleeds with impermanence yet inside they discover the universe

his hand unable to dissolve on the tongue tip of the poet
we’ll all be mulch soonish decomposing like a
gladiator sad he discovers the universe

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