‘We have passed through the night without deliverance’


these might be bad translations
but at this moment they are
the only translations available in english

Nous avons traversé la nuit sans délivrance
translated as
We have passed through the night without deliverance

sure it’s accurate but
the translator must also be
a most loving octopus

Poem about Bees

Wikipedia Poem, No. 799


“When I say ‘I,’ I am lying. Let us posit the ‘I’ of perception—neutral and limpid. Put it next to the ‘I’ of intermediation—when you look at it this way, my body belongs to me; or, more exactly, I belong to my body. What do we observe? An absence of contact. Fear what I say.” Michel Houellebecq


journey of what is our concept of nothing?
understand these vast new shapes

of whom science say journey of the universe
what eye?
on display for a reward

moving then not
not moving then gone—all of it

Michel Houellebecq Eating Dog Food (I Think You Misunderstand)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 790


confronted will 
requires work you don't
bloody countravene ramadan 
also imagine an end

sand eel rather 
a mayor the same symbol 
lançon and his colleagues 
refer to bloody counterarguments

satirical shield 
like the hand 
of a childish painter

well dressed pedestrian boulevard 
endless positions drunk in a conflict 
we don't notice the tenderness of infinite 
complexity only memoir public life anger 

struggle remain loyal to my own teeth people 
too easily magazining their maps put this 
in verse or obits our greatest provocateur 
the murders and the murderers sculpted in 
slow orbits of fatty pork you ask for endless 
everything and walk into the ocean

Wikipedia Poem, No. 207



years tardif se faire
le sens du dernier
a buzz of gone gods

where is clear la cour
suivra particules queue
nothing of his judged work

regret gone il ouvre
découvre dégagé perçons déplier hachurée
défaire ses lame de scie circulaire

he is briefly an extrovert
an island in the scope
exposed lattice work

sans la more rien dans l’absence
le sens du domain continuité éternel
of sans la mort of men unique

the author is here
his old age his body
rien est contemporain


Source: Betty, Louis. “The Poetics of Despair: A reading of Michel Houellebecq’s configuration du dernier rivage.” ANOBIUM, 5 Oct. 2013. Web. 25 May 2016.

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your wirelesss mouse can’t save your soul

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no one laughed at my chun li joke. 🙁

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Any of you nerds play The Division?

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“Your laugh leaves laugh lines, your love leaves bright bruises” tHS


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When you’re selling, life was good

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Close yr eyes and walk ; how do you see sounds? As exploding spheres? What bird is that drowned by the lawn mothers? The edgers a central American chortling peace? Close yr eyes and breathe.

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Submission to the irrational

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“There was indeed a little donkey” Houellebecq

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As I type “Context” and look up at the world, there is a strange effect: something like the combination of skin sizzling from electrocution and the pleasant recoiling one feels when he finds a hundred dollar bill.

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