What would metal sound like after capitalism?

“A pop song—and metal, for all its fuck no, is pop music—is a commodity, and its market conditions are written into its chord structure. It is caught up entirely in capitalism’s circuits. A wash of guitars and a blast beat do not have the power to resist the contradictions they expose and express.

“Imagine if, ‘after passing through [a] book,’ presto, we were ‘helpless’ to avoid changing our lives. Sometimes I wonder what metal would sound like after capitalism, or whether we would even need metal then. I wonder the same thing about poetry.”


— Michael Robbins, from his essay “Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives.” The essay appears in Robbins’s book “Equipment for Living”, which you should absolutely buy.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 250


“You’re so sheer, you’re so chic, teenage rebel of the week” Bryan Ferry


talks in the couple
of married borough home
follows roxy music

album cover model lucy
helmore pregnant affair
new amsterdams the dancers

who stormed up afterwards
forced their way into the dealers
college couples separate drums

simple keyboard riffs

several times the couple
in brooklyn lucy caused
junior to stick together

thirty-five years early
posing eerie sturdy
produced of notorious

simple keyboard riffs
initially played and adopted
from the bands such as hell

simple keyboard riffs

already this is something lucy would
listen sharing a poverty-stricken
twenty-year-old factory of motor monsters

simple keyboard riffs initially played
classic one critic at emerson was
a magic tramp once played along

she’s ever brooklyn
of record length
motor monsters motoring

simple keyboard riffs

initially played her adoption
off most rider eerie studs
simple keyboard riffs

in los angeles next generation living
high school graduate on the banks aerial
and singing at night and even jobbed

after three half-sister singers
performed so well as his vocal reference
to mother daytimes living by the bank

simple keyboard riffs

falsely claiming to be on his ipad
from an early age falsely employed
the bank falsely by aerial ballet