Opposition Art for d.a. levy

Wikipedia Poem, No. 678


“Still, / like a Capistrano swallow, you come back.” DA Powell

leave-in alleviate dough raise       up up up 
refresh enjoy relieve mitigate ferment        up up up &up

as      one destroys & macabre      
direct cause causing 
replace rise
that he battles leviticus or 
leviathan in harmony 
forward progress    upon a draft
a few days back
hold back a strong leavening agent     or add
force the great german soprano entomb-up       
ferment name directors refresh stone sibara virginica as my home 
do not 
envisage my home opposite of le great germane 
i          perch the       mona lisa soak surround         
vascular witch scorch the horn carolyn pickles screams        of history 
he also rejects with bray themes the controversy 
forward progress 
a few days enjoy which fear      
base around       &up
that he contains the louvre          
the immutable     of the community 
of the diaphragm

Donald J. Trump

Wikipedia Poem, No. 451


consider           guantan-a-lago the crown
jewel of historic resorts       beautiful military torture
tortured it is           the trump family has a secret handshake 
guantan-a-lago is a value        in the    golf base also
known        truly the us military is the trump family
match their       usurped elegance 
the cubans allow 
which the us returns      the club     the crown jewel 
of torture its illegance unmatched 
surrenders renown internationally
elegiac golf club one of tortured jewels 
truly the guantan-a-lago detention center and resort  
a landmark with the finest amenities 
       the us military can pronounce 
on cuban revolutionary soil
on such short notice           donald j truly 
the finest amenities that the cuban people can shore up
1959 the perfectly landmarked base 
also known against the us military    revolutionary
protested since every year go when donald j truly
the trump family has offered our incredible        
discount code        for a handshake and a dowry