Prose Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 893

The $18 Lady Passes The Asp or Perhaps You Run, Joseph M. Gerace, 2019

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War Poem (American Horror Story)


Alberto Giacometti “Jean-Paul Sartre Leaning on His Elbow” ca. 1949, graphite on paper


a woman on the bus
asked if i was jewish
i said what she said
are you jewish i said
my father was jewish
she said good i said
nothing she said
there are a lot of good
jewish people
i read the bible every day
i said nothing she said
we’re going to win you know
i’m christian she said
jews and christians
are a lot alike we’ve
got to protect one another
she said we’ve got to win
this war she said
and got off the bus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 381


“Color of Love and air of sympathy … / through you a thought comes to mind, / such that I greatly fear my heart will split. / I cannot keep my devastated eyes / from looking ever and again at you / because of their desire to shed tears.” Dante Alighieri


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Wikipedia Poem, No. 94

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“And it’s close to a all out war
With kids being murdered just for being black and tall outdoors
They respond to demonstrations wearing kevlar briefs
When the main problem is nobody respects our grief”
Open Mike Eagle, “Dark Comedy Late Show”

the extremists
the infidels   the 
militants shooting extremists
often under soft men
many beheaded
streets caliphate 
   soft Russian 
the vast year   the infused 
Minbaj with 
stony-faced looks   the group who fled east   want to remain 
targets to battle brought 
who speaking 
his brother sitting guards slept
take position   they try 
to be remembered   sever   the Russians 
she/he anonymity to replace

fighters wept otherly   when blacked 
rename that 
night   humanitarian fatigues 
marching their sons 

Ahmed   Yazidi 
Syrian   Dohuk
Farouq   Minbaj
churn extremists 
over-ran boyhood 

Beaten us 
contacted away
tell the living children of the group's 

Yazidi boys were with extreme
heads grouped out to rule captors 
   captors: beheads 
recruit apostate minority

training enduran
the military 
fatigues marching to recoil
his brother’s ancient 
the group's acolytes distributing under IS trainwashing 
the case for children
to fight 
even they use apostolic and historic everywhere
boys in 

students proclaim to 
   have been 
between vanished and fear 
of the guise of who 
look stony-faced   they try 
given under barbed-following

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goodnight, death
run wild with the conceit

be patient, you

relieved to see this browstapled face

a problem of reference
we’ll solve in the morning.