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Wikipedia Poem, No. 298

1 Football, Played at an Inconceivably High Level, Conceived ranging from stir-frys to cook because they’re a good source of lean protein and author of lean protein and easier than breasts they’re more flavorful and easier to salads and a main ingredient for meals ranging… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 94

“And it’s close to a all out war With kids being murdered just for being black and tall outdoors They respond to demonstrations wearing kevlar briefs When the main problem is nobody respects our grief” — Open Mike Eagle, “Dark Comedy Late Show” the extremists… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 85

“land” said the FBI in a researched prose imposal The government spy and the government law enforcements Act show the latest foreign Interests work-ago structures which allowed in three years agains malicitly as necessary and due to the including some chatter the Senate over-meant protocol… Read More