‘For a Moment’ by Ron Padgett

'For a Moment' by Ron Padgett

It’s funny how
if you just let go
of things they

will come to
you. That is to say
sometimes. So what

good is such a
Ah, it makes you

feel good to say
such things from
time to time,

as if you actually
and really and truly
knew something!

Source: Padgett, Ron. Collected Poems. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Coffee House Press, 2013, p. 415.

George Seferis (1900-1971)

“But to say what you want to say, you must create another language and nourish it for years and years with what you have loved, with what you have lost, with what you will never find again. ”

Seferis, as quoted in Mary Ruefle’s “Madness, Rack, and Honey”, p. 191.

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goodnight, death
run wild with the conceit

be patient, you

relieved to see this browstapled face

a problem of reference
we’ll solve in the morning.

“The sky is a very bad parent”

The sky is a very bad parent
impatient, grinding its teeth, hyperventilating 
as its baby wahs and wails and flails 
and vomits all over its parent's prettiest things
and the parent grabs its little darling
a little too tight
a taut smile a slight tear
traps it under an arm and marches into the kitchen
opens the dark chemical cabinet under the sink 
tosses in the nuisance 
like a lightning-chopped tree trunk crushes a two-family home
claps the cabinet closed.