Artifacts of Reference, No. 67

Artifacts of Reference, No. 66

Artifacts of Reference, No. 64

Artifacts of Reference, No. 63

Nanocard, Nanocrad

Wikipedia Poem, No. 963

Anacoppti, 2019, JMG

the part
two part two
part two part
two different living
two part two
part two different
lifestyles that wants
to excel at living to
pull apart two parts
two different living parts
two parts of myself —
the part two
part two different
living to pull apart
two different living skulls
meat and matchsticks
are you knot coexisting
and matchsticks
are you knot coexistent
and matchsticks are you
knot coexisting and matchsticks
are you knot coexist
and matchsticks
are you a lolorito or a teledji?
new mexico state gemfinder

developed by surrey nanosystems in the world’s black-paint (black
reflections in the world-black vantablack—absorbs 99.9923% of the man owns the poor the world’s blackest blackest blackest black the world’s blackest-blackest —absorbs 99.9923% of 1% or less in the close-range infrared region film‎ the black paint is allowed to be visible

Artifacts of Reference, No. 45

American Sentence, No. 4

That’s just a door, don’t overthink it, but who is Horace, anyway?

Mostly Anti-Capitalist Art (1996)


this father
in between this
father i am
here i am in between
my name is father
and you listen or do not

cats &
animals you could
permits imagination
& cats
permit imagination

it is folly to connect
the landscape is my mouth
is the transience of the
mouth free of use? tense
with permanence of
transience of a single noun

seek balance
abstraction of
upstairs monster
not abstraction of not
circle circle circle

scale of burning flesh
life take a step back
red rover
the volcano calls red rover over
roll over red rover roll over

QUOTE, draft 100520131220

unlicked filth on bentbranch fingers
               & a chemical thin residue

lean waits to be pleased
across his mottled brow
               & thensudden cheekbone spikes

no gleam. despite his mottling hair

a swamp alive
               & long ago wet precious &
                    as a cradle

unprintable man
loved at impossible distance and when
               & when
wise brown eyes close
               & back turns
into every crack
memories like steam rise.