On the Roof of Wannsee Villa

Bloomfield, NJ. October 2020.

with no ill intention to the artist
what the fuck were you thinking
the mangy dog and the electro-
magnetic implant
fine! but
replacing the u with the v?
what a braggadocious pile of staten island’s finest
piled up to intellectual
affidavits — i once asked allen ginsberg
should i be scared when the polish
barrister holds a luger to my temple
and demands fried bananas he said
you’ll never move to krakow
don’t fret my pet i pianeti
della fortuna
no ill intention
to moloch or the electromagnetic swing
the dog abundant and widespread
in hungry this abandoned city in the days
since the airing of ruth bader ginsburg
coordinated inauthentic leaderless lurking
evil the writer goes down the one true rabbit hole
a meeting of senior government officials
four cholinergic cherubs armed with radio
poles lit upon the roof of the confident
wannsee manor unclear
if these birds are gripped fast to the edge
of indivisible azalea branches or synaptic clefts
between bit and byte cast totally aside
countervailing rights
— unclear unclear

Sphinx, of Cement and Aluminum

Wikipedia Poem, No. 998

the coronavirus show loses weight
overtly and as much as supplements
holy travel warning infects the earth

studied worldwide these researchers
fattening dozens of trusted sources
trusted trusted trusted at the source

the coronavirus show over time weighs poetry
and researchers may have the greatest risk
factors for weight trump is starving easily

and help you weigh less the studies show
the streets of a high-protein breakfast basket
drink and drug manufacturers spreading fatness

warming calm among the geopoets more than weight
unshavenly even confirmed calm among working members
themselves under their brains to cause tectonic poems

as much as of themselves as even 20 under 20
award winnder much more as much as of you can intake
their brains cause over 3 months of twittering states

last year when drinkers kept it cool connecting
my generations destroyed in the week’s trusted source
trusted starving and much much more of the study

show yourselves even under themselves even
under the delectable weight and thingyness
staggering upon the 20 more tips to the state filling

burlap skin bags of harmoney in the streets of high saturday
death chooses your weight avoid suggestive minds
contemplate 20 more tips to lose recompense on the el

and this weight after flat floating losses new york
studies the two leading causes of poetry
and much as much as much as much less

the state declares two causes for poetry
and then injects the virus straight
into their weight ballooned after triple angels floated care meals

more then ten weighty washing infected poets
source studies showing that drinking their weight
in glucomannan can put the starving high-protein break

begin late at least eat a good slow throught
then spread jazz eat time as much as washington state
first cool eyes has now been detected among the source weight

the mainland as much as the wasteland naked starving and
researchers see a magma coated cardinal first coronavirus
soaring destructive or descriptive at worst infected

this wait trumps an expanding power in the state you’re late
very many of them can install intakes into people who were
flying at half an hour body weight eat most fat of the state

declare a state first
cool cardinal eyes then
and now and again

be shown to be
brooklyn as much
as much as losing

American Sentence, No. 4

That’s just a door, don’t overthink it, but who is Horace, anyway?

Poem Without Metaphor (Highwire Act)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 827


free expert install   be in control 
aerodynamic design   bold and fast drawbacks   
dayglo free expert install be in control slim  
search parts and   slim headed engine ice 

roadside tool kit large and slim search angel 
headed street engineers black coda kids
synthetic experts in control of aerodynamic design 
bold slim parts   fast commuter skidding along angel street

engine ice road adventure colored   red black coda free   white 
experts in control   strangle aerodynamic design   bold and slim
fast avenue gear street skid large and slim   parts up and down angel street 
layer on the ride   flexible breathable with excellent benefits

take a breather with excellent benefits   a breathable angel
grab yr summer must have gear and fast   be in control angel 
layer on the ride   flexible breathable with excellent benefits 
take a breather   without all the heat layer on angel headed engineers

L’âge de la Faim pour Soi-Même

American Sentence, No. 5


Truth avenges recreation,
the snail criticizes its jet shell.

Inside Joke

Wikipedia Poem, No. 463


“Jerry Rubin arrested! Beaten, jailed, coccyx broken — / Leary out of action – “a public menace … persons of tender years … immature judgment … psychiatric examination …” / i.e. Shut up or Else Loonybin or Slam / Leroi on bum gun rap, $7,000 lawyer fees, years, negotiations — / SPOCK GUILTY headlined temporary, Joan Baez’ paramour husband Dave Harris to Gaol / Dylan silent on politics, & safe – having a baby, a man — / Cleaver shot at, jail’d, maddened, parole revoked, / Vietnam War flesh-heap grows higher.” Allen Ginsberg

george meredith
the testament of cresseid
edmund near perigord
thomas gray
elegy written in time
of cresseid
edmund near perigord
the dream-777
tha twee dogs
william butler yeats lamia
the axeheave
john keats meditations in time of civil war
robert henryson
the testament of the lady of civil war
robert from ireland
john wain 1937
dylan’s the rape of cresseid
edmund near perigord
byron aleppo beppo
the new testament’s best major earthquake
alexander the prisoner pope
samuel taylor colin clouts
come home home home

home home home come
home home home come home come home again
dylan thomas gray elegy written in a time of city showers
276 verses of allen ginsberg
america changes
meredith & her twee dogs
william butler yeats lamia
the axehandle jonson
thomas gray elegy written in time
time of cresseid
edmund the pear
near perigord
tennyson thomas hood
the lark ascending
johns hill

Wikipedia Poem, No. 108

"You're innocent when you dream." Tom Waits

“You’re innocent when you dream.” Tom Waits

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       burning for the 
     streets at dawn 
   for an angry fix,
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Source: Ginsberg, Allen. "Howl." Poetry Foundation. Web. 1956. 31 October 2015.

“Big Round Tits Played Like Flutes / Every Single Number is a Metrical Unit”

There is no war
buy buy buy

Charming isn’t it? How here, high, second storying
There can be none. How here, high, expanded in cowardice
Rubbing temples like Ginsberg at the phallic lamp


My curiosity piques at a distance and murderous is
Curiosity, suddenly I’m speaking East Coast Spanish
Universe-sized droplets kick across the IPA skin
Whip carbon dioxide into brief enthusiasm


Internal rhyme, do I care about the color of my beer?
I will xerox this or that, staple them to my back
And find another lover, lover.


Across the road, from a distance, is sobbing
Like artillery: Rare, brilliant, pounded into the ground
Another scoundrel ode

Powered by the fighting, by the recent sticky floors
By the Quick phrasing, beneath
Her thumb. Am I quoting that correctly?

Breathe, offset temple, breathe.

A lo hecho, pecho.