Initial Public Offering

In The Pére Lachaise



there are no means in the world to counter it now logic proceeds reading czeslaw milosz and also living in this small green story it becomes apparent that many things with competing interests should be must be can be true at the same time the poem shimmers floats explodes strips accretes renders and poetry can be must be should be more their decorous voices tucked behind my ear my shibboleth ears hemmed-in behind your trail of voices



Endless Space


“I wish I could put into words the coming-round I have experienced (intellectually) the last few years. I once despised feeling as worthless, evanescent, of no “eternal significance.” I thought only of the “permanent” outside, the revolving galaxies, the endless space, and man on his tiny speck seemed meaningless. Can I now make the shift to humanity? Can I feel again? Can my blood stir at last? I now see feeling as incorporating the intellect–I once thought them separate. Intellect is the slow analytic way–the unexperienced way to action: feeling is the immediate synthesis of all experience, intellect as well as emotion.

I ran my motor fast much of my life seeking the saving absolute. There is no such item to be found. I had known these thoughts for a long time, and they meant very little, until I experienced them. I remember the hour I experienced them. Nothing changed, and yet everything changed. Grief, fear, love, life, death, everything goes on just as before, but now everything seems lifted, just a bit, into its own being. ” A.R. Ammons


Source: Vendler, Helen. “American Expansion.” Harper’s. Aug. 2017: 70. Print.

Inside Joke

Wikipedia Poem, No. 463


“Jerry Rubin arrested! Beaten, jailed, coccyx broken — / Leary out of action – “a public menace … persons of tender years … immature judgment … psychiatric examination …” / i.e. Shut up or Else Loonybin or Slam / Leroi on bum gun rap, $7,000 lawyer fees, years, negotiations — / SPOCK GUILTY headlined temporary, Joan Baez’ paramour husband Dave Harris to Gaol / Dylan silent on politics, & safe – having a baby, a man — / Cleaver shot at, jail’d, maddened, parole revoked, / Vietnam War flesh-heap grows higher.” Allen Ginsberg

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