Endless Space


“I wish I could put into words the coming-round I have experienced (intellectually) the last few years. I once despised feeling as worthless, evanescent, of no “eternal significance.” I thought only of the “permanent” outside, the revolving galaxies, the endless space, and man on his tiny speck seemed meaningless. Can I now make the shift to humanity? Can I feel again? Can my blood stir at last? I now see feeling as incorporating the intellect–I once thought them separate. Intellect is the slow analytic way–the unexperienced way to action: feeling is the immediate synthesis of all experience, intellect as well as emotion.

I ran my motor fast much of my life seeking the saving absolute. There is no such item to be found. I had known these thoughts for a long time, and they meant very little, until I experienced them. I remember the hour I experienced them. Nothing changed, and yet everything changed. Grief, fear, love, life, death, everything goes on just as before, but now everything seems lifted, just a bit, into its own being. ” A.R. Ammons


Source: Vendler, Helen. “American Expansion.” Harper’s. Aug. 2017: 70. Print.

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