Lawler’s Warhol’s Monroe’s MoMA’s America’s Land

ankle was zoloft
bush was yearling
cock was xyzzyx
diode was warlord
escarole was violence
frigid was uvula
god was tired and true
hush was sacrifice
ingenuous was ritual
jigger was quake
kallyope was paris
limp was oaf
mopping was numerology
nuke was murder
oatmeal was luxury
prosthetic was kaput
quarantine was jewel
rhizome was intimate
sweat was hearse
trout was gallup
ulcer was function
viagra was earthworm
wagner was death
xenograft was coloring book
yarrow was backlit
zambia was appropriation

Wikipedia Poem, No. 406


“The darkness lifts, imagine, in your lifetime.” Louise Glück

repetition of 
    dead code 

variables in 
a lattice 
    of dead 
form abstract 
perfectly applied 

    values form a 3d lattice 
        used in an optimization of dead code 

propagate condition and evaluate
    interpretation of simultaneity 

remove some 
kind of dead 
    remove abstract 
    value and hence flecks of sparse code 

variables form dead data
    variables print conservative constants

    for a single 
bound thus 
    and perfectly applied