Wikipedia Poem, No. 912

home to’gain three watchers
it’s luck, old luck
on them might they
those next few days, months, years dry down harbor way.

the water-thrill then, so
to talk?
to explore
the exterior?

Terrible clarity, terrible, they
like others round Traantown
sudden pagan kinship with patient harbor
cross through the men of your world, one whitecap at a time.

Authentic, Rare and Valuable (Landscape in the Diminished Field)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 822


sea glass purity of the heineken
seed glass of man made pond
self destructing purity

north toward precocial ducklings
floats east then north toward the east
on heineken sea

free of heineken sea glass
purity of ducklings floating east
then north toward an apple tree

A Raspy, Screeching Hiss.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 814


A piece the size of me. We float downstream’s surge. Suddenly to steep, rocky shore and up under the boat down the stream’s surface began. The hotel has provided a nice razor set. I see how far down a submarine. The pain: the trip was small, not powerful, contained in more capsizing. The weather side of me. We float felt unsure recollection, sand yawed, before capsizing. The stream at the purpose of me. Inexplicably the window, the stream’s surge. Suddenly my home barbwire. My hairline. It pitches, reaching out for plant stalk to tolerate the stream. The water. Dazed. Suddenly normalized.


Wikipedia Poem, No. 736


“If however magpiety does not exist / My nature does not exist either.” Czeslaw Milosz, 1958


after Czeslaw Milosz

my birthplace
which applies distantly

from one and art
… to the direct experience of

this app
ibidem conferatur magpiety

i walked through books
against our will even

it does not occur without books
this also applies to distant from one end

even against our will
it does not occur through books ever

yet to my birthplace
against our will

applied distantly
it does not occur over rivers even

from one art to another
it does not occur with wetted thigh

… the direct experience of
this also applies distant from one and

this appellate iridescence
walking through my mind

ibidem conferatur magpiety
even against our will

Daedalus (Black Remix)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 579


“That one most perilous and long voyage ended, only begins a second; and a second ended, only begins a third, and so on, for ever and for aye. Such is the endlessness, yea, the intolerableness of all earthly effort.” Melville

for language
symbolic this
mothers’ death
was a life
he bestows on her—her surrounded now—
his mothers
the composition for a life
bestown on her—his mothers—only through language
symbols like black water then anorexia
or an anorexia of rage
like black
water to jung a presence in which
exorcise a substitution
he bestows on the
peculiar life particularity
if only through language
like teapots of a purpose for a life particular

and elegy

elegy if only matter
the composition an anorexia of performance
more like black water than to call this mothers’
composition a purpose
for language
symbols like
slow black water

royal rise roil roll raze raise

Jacob Frères Paints with Blood

Wikipedia Poem, No. 425


“For a moment, you may think that as long as you stay inside the castle you will be safe. Outside, everything is transient and destined to decay. Inside everything is incontrovertible, eternal, joyous, and glorious.” Alessandro Carrera on Severino’s Magical Castle

we arrive 
by boat in his jacob 
frères desk
    long fibrous 
        but the 
        ophrys morisii on his palace 
portraits of 
his jacob 
    frères desk
    are long fibrous 
    but the 
flowers on his palace 
portraits of 
his palace 
    with blood
    we arrive by 
        boat in his jacob frères desk
long fibrous scaly 
but the 
flowers on his palace 

portraits of his 
        that means topped
        arrive by boat 
his jacob frères desk long 
    fibrous scaly noses
    but the 
flowers in his palace 
    portraits on his jacob frères desk
are ophrys morisii with amphibious eyes

Wikipedia Poem, No. 398


      track the other 
take muddy tracks 
    incredible stories and tracks 
deformed from anywhere
you often need misery for survival 

still you're waiting on these images 
born on a little rowboat
this is the land 

known for rhythms 
left out in the liberal 

a consumer society 
tracks their packages 
and     fights 

Wikipedia Poem, No. 263


“When poets discover that their words refer only to words and not to a reality which must be described as faithfully as possible, they despair.” Czeslaw Miłosz, Witness of Poetry


in this venomous season of anywhere
one comments on becoming underscored
and the commentary thus weathers the arena
setting sea immortable face in the stones
and no fire-stance of armed wit the arachnid
worldwide scions magic and live engagement
the remarks disapproximately
appropriate the demagogue

any patterns carve an ultima land-
scape in appearance of great various
kingdoms both to introduce creative sorcery
where two lapidary chains accord who apparently
of the body of the spirit of hume into those works
by character the eight-armed levee of healing

Black Creek