“Charles Bernstein”



Charles Bernstein,
Here is my litany,
How does it compare
To yours? Not a thing,
But an original tense,
Unknown to word, sound
Or light—the carefully pent
Birthday present
Approximately the size of a bowling ball
And the weight of a human heart
As you remember it—
Bowed and hysterical, still
Forever and unobserved.

“Gallops from its mouth, I rip”



I always knew there was a spiritual connection
Between Ben and John
Some shared irreverence simmering
Intelligence like a hawk circling a trail
Or the hawk with a wood mouse
In its beak swallowing broken bones

Then I see it: the patient, dead mouse
Gallops from its mouth, I rip
A thin sheet of paper
Even thinner, transforming one —
With my mouth — good sense, into
Two. Recursive, recombinant, acid reflux
Deluxe bring me not-deep vein thrombosis, campfire
Luck, wildfire, treat yourself to something nice.

wikipedia poem, no. 45 [burroughs bends hume over the buzzing dehumidifier]


burroughs bends hume 
over the buzzing dehumidifier  
         and by their suitable unsubtle existences  theses  we
        are deep-endeavor thoughts natural and 
envent wildly and something  that the imaginations  keep 
    conform       us seek 
after        something  the brownfield  however estrous  and 
        conforming after    both of their 
      conforming suitableness and would be subject tho we clear in 
          opinions          the monstrous principles herefore
we elude   clear 
       by these 
       relax ourselves at 
absence    last be subjects  which seem 
  courting and sorting  her
from run influence and intermediate it nor 
       will tis 
contrive the moment       opinion 
   former           of 
     opinion double  of
of reason           even into their of suitable existence 
     both contrive      of
 notions demand and
       interrupt  the consequences of reason  and   notions of 
       difficular  uninterrupted
     we     would
          embrace betwixt    reason  and indent the fore
suppositions        certain be 
         and different be and diffident be god-willing 
something both 
monstrous of the point  perception wild       a moment 
          become  ourself stopped and different and stooped          
perception of reason and uninterruption betwixt 
     the mild minds
profound   will have a new   hypothesis
  imaginate and ideation      two principles 
that came from her bleeding fore  Thus the deepening
long kiss 
   a double 
existence  draw 
  us seek