Ash Armor Beach

computer     christopher christopher
on view at   emerson college in boston
ash used giroux straus and marrow
of gesture the   house the sonnets  for beaches everywhere
used  giroux   as  ash   started   used  giroux
started used giroux  straus and marrow
of gesture of light of marrowbone of
the house  the   beachsonnets
marrow suck of   gesture the house  the house  the house
sonnets baked deeply on the beach as poetic     ash
started  using  giroux daily of  cheerleader
on view at emerson college in boston
of  gesture-light  and marrow-light
the house the house  the only   armor was
the northern-most computer
christopher on view  at emerson  college in   boston
ash started using  giroux for  gestures the house the   house the house
sonnets on the beachsculpture   light   and mighty marrow might of gesture
the   house the  house the house

Dear Poets—

Wikipedia Poem, No. 870

saskatchewan, i have—by a mile—the heat of whirlwind
this whirlwind of what i know… after-time

gotta study and get on with all the whirlwind heat
this whirlwind of preparing for the heat of the best poems

published in saskatchewan o well and study video games
i have—by a meteor mile—the heat of this to do list: quit my hand

i briefly felt like a wonderful person
i really should be studying and felt wonderful

now that will hold my hand and
live in reputable american journals

i really fucked my to-do: quit my poet
i am a very secretly a fearful person

i am very more tame
when i stopped drinking i published

you know… no time gotta study it
i really should study for the heavy escape

no time gotta study for the best poet
i am very secretly fucked

my illusion felt wonderful
i really fucked me: quit my poet

i really should study for law school
i’m so scared — salty poet

i don’t want to step out of this
whirlwind of preparing and feel wonderful

now that i know i need to escape myself —
this radical being — in smoke

Mads Haahr

Wikipedia Poem, No. 832


“This book I bought in Venice for one Ducat in the year 1507.” Albrecht Dürer

         and bought a 
mousemat.d bought 
a a mousemat.a mousemat.wo hours there 
and bought 
a mousemat.bought 
      bought a mousemat.nt 
    two hours there and bought 
and bought a there and bought a 
      bought a 
      mousemat.d bought 
    mousemat.wo hours 
there and 
bought a 
     mousemat. two hours 
there and bought a mousemat.hours there and bought a mousemat..nt two hours there 
          bought a mousemat.o hours 
     and bought a mousemat.ere 
bought a mousemat.there and b

Tokyo, 2006

Download this Free Zine about Appropriated Birds

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Self-Service Self-Help Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 793


I’m very suspicious of our inherited kinds of science, its masculist authority and righteous will to power and fixed meanings.” Carolee Schneemann

         financially except 
    a lucky few poets 
relationship to 
capitalism or perhaps 
  the moon


Recursive Diagram Confession (FN Model 1910)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 709


drink nothing-gas 
   the breech)
      the other room gold
    scream and sweet firearms operate for 
      a headache
fired gas 
that killed 
the potted sky)
      nothing departs logical 
the sky from the other 
cream and 
sweet firearms opening 
      principle of 
scream and sweet music
sweeps sand 
        at the 
        potted plant 
        in the 
    most action form 
belgian gun
  aims final
because i'm 
the purest form of desperation) 
   this denied 
because i'm sad nothing 
of blowback 
in action form

Poets Reading the News publishes ‘Agraphia’


“Car 5”

A great poetry website, Poets Reading The News, has published another one of my poems, Agraphia, along with one my recent photos, Car 5 (above).

I’m extraordinarily fond, and proud, of this poem. It’s about the way that war and violence affect one’s humanity.

It begins with a quote from Gabriele de’ Mussi, a historian of sorts, who gave one account of the beginning of the black plague in Europe in the mid-14th Century.

He tells of the siege on Kaffa (now known as Feodosia in Crimea) in which the Mongols launched the rotten flesh of their own sick and infected soldiers over the city walls in order to weaken the defending forces — an early version of biological warfare.

Please read and share it. You mean the world to me.

Thanks for being a part of this crazy project.

— Joe

Wikipedia Poem, No. 195


“Tar smell. Smells like sweet summer. / Chi ci dà la luce? Il Duce! / That is to say, God.” Frederick Seidel



to the yacht
one hundred pounds
changes an image

rose gold is produced
in a limited edition
changing the image

of the royal yacht squadron
back in 1454 the image produces
the name becomes america


twice without hands
a tradition of artemis
colors adapted without

hands or a traditional center
the upper bridge and lower bridge
racing like a fascinating tourbillon

without hands or tradition
spinning dials located in time
tops fascinating spin


a logo then as helium escapes
red-lined with boat sails watch
explosive five-minute regatta

countdown to this logo then
heliumed with the boat’s sails’
seamstress embossed with a

five-minute regatta countdown
to the boat regatta countdown
to the helium red boat strap


sailors this is the oracle
sailing witch certifies the countdown
an eye-catching color

a limited rubber strap
incorporating titanium
sailors this is the start-time

a limited run necessary
to function produces extends
reproduces a limited rubber strap


Watson, Stephen. “6 truly impressive watches 
      inspired by the America’s cup.” Esquire. Hearst Communications, 
      6 May 2016. Web. 11 May 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 120


Negative Reaction, Joseph M. Gerace, 62 x 35 in., 2015


“When mirth reigns throughout the town, and feasters about the house, sitting in order, listen to a minstrel; when the tables beside them are laden with bread and meat, and a wine-bearer draws sweet drink from the mixing-bowl and fills the cups: this I think in my heart to be most delightsome.” Homer

Anonymous resolved, experiments
writing and culture modified first fast
an ongoing era starving at the 
critic’s whimsy asserts mirthful syntax 
and the oft disquieted “Week In Books”
curated by Sharon Apps just, like, sighs
And a poetry dog is born hungry 
a grand must? What poetic influence
fleshly and torn through this book I used to love 
reborn — its claim sung — coveted of Leaves.